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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Black & white Sunday.

Hello fashionistas,
I hope you had a great weekend so far...So a week ago I posted a style on my lookbook called ; not depressed,not sad but definitely black you can check it out here.The point is that we've also made a really nice video with Amalia Boura with the same black and white theme..So please watch it and tell me your opinion.It's really important for us as we are thinking about opening a youtube channel ...
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Everyday make up routine ;tutorial step by step

Hello fashionistas,
Today I thought it would be a nice idea to try something different ; a make up tutorial.
I haven't done anything similar in this blog before but I was a youtuber for a short period of time almost two years ago. I started something really easy to do for everyday casual outfits you can make it in 5-7 minutes and if you're running late make a messy bun and go !
Please tell me your opinion on the comments below and If I should do more posts like this in the future...

At first I wanted to call my post ; everyday routine for school but as I can't stand wearing make up all day I gave it a more random title..

Step 1; Start applying your foundation with a brush or with your hands so to cover any blemishes or just to make your skin look more fresh. I'm using  vichy normaderm teint for sensitive skin .

Step 2 ; Use your concealer to make your eyes look brighter ,start applyning it with gendle movements starting from the inside corners of your eyes and under your lash line. Make sure not to overdo it as it will have the opposite effect and it will make your eyes look tired .I use creamy concealer from Bobbi Brown sand color.

Step 3; Apply a white or pink eyeshadow as a base so you will have
 a more alert look early in the morning.
Avoid eyshadows in green and blue if appear older is not your goal.I'm using a really bright natural color from loreal paris color harmony pallete.(It's my favourite eyeshadow so far).

Step 4 ; Apply a bright grey-silver eyeshadow to make your eyes look more dramatic . Don't forget to add a little mascara to give your eyes more volume.

 I love miss manga for mega volume from loreal paris as it's perfect for everyday/casual looks but also really cool (by adding a little more )for night events.

Step 5 ; Smile and put on your cheekbones some blush .I love an orange color from loreal paris as it goes with  my semi-dark complexion perfectly .I would suggest if you have a very pale skin using something in  pink shade...

Step 6;
 Add your finishing touch with a bright pink lipstick or nude but be careful to choose something matte and definetely don't go for any sticky lipgloss that you will have to renew every five minutes...

What do you think?


Friday, 12 September 2014

Winter my love

Hello fashionistas,
What's up? Have you seen my last black and white theme look ?
If not, I strongly suggest  you to click here as I'm really happy about this work we've done with my friends to get the best results...

Anyway,today's post is about reasons to love winter no matter what.I know it's pretty difficult to do so as most people have so many responsibilities and really no time at all to relax but I just wanted to give you some positive vibes .

First of all, I can really appreciate rainy days because it's not so common in Greece ...I found rain so liberating and inspiring . I can walk for hours with my headphones on and  sorting my life out ...

In addition,you can finally wear your favourite winter/autumn clothes !
After all these time I can finally slip into my fluffy warm sweater and feel awesome...

On the one hand, cold winter days tend to make me so much more productive and creative .I don't know why ;maybe it is that I have very limited time to do things for myself like blogging so when I get to write a new post I do it right away...Also I have more specific goals and plans to pursue and that is what keeps me motivated (most of the time).

On the other hand,I enjoy more of the little things in life as having an hour free or drinking coffee on a Saturday morning without having to go to school immediately .I love being lazy on winter and watching tv while doing literally nothing but eating (guilty pleasure).

But my favourite part of the year is Christmas ! Two weeks free of school to go out with your friends or to stay in and have fun drinking chocolate and eat your weight in cookies ...The whole world  is celebrating ,you get to be with your loved ones and even to get them some presents ...

If you're a winter person  and enjoy hot chocolate/coffee as much as I do please tell me on the comments below what's you most enjoy to do when it's cold outside !

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Not depressed not sad but definetely black...

Hello fashionistas,
Back to black…
It is (officially) time to say goodbye to the lovely Summer as in a few days from now I’m going back to black …It’s my favourite time of the year ! Back to school ! Who I’m I kidding? I’m just going to waste 7 hours of my life 5 days a week for another 9 months … I’m in the second year of highschool and still cannot accept that summer ends someday and hell is just around the corner!

About my outfit
Anyway, I’m starting to get really negative (trust me ,when I start is downfall) but I’m really fed up with all this “back to school” feedback I get daily…So the purpose of this post is not to share my hate  but an outfit that goes perfectly with my mood ; Black and White my theme for this look …I’ve actually worn black white outfits before but this a little different as I wanted it to be a little grunge-alternative…
The dress I’m wearing is actually a gift from a very close family friend and I like it so much and I think it works the best with high socks /dark lipstick and other stuff I love…Also the flower ring and bracelet is a special gift ;)
The boots are my ultimate favourite black cut-outs from topshop  ,I can even admit that they are my favourite pair of shoes …
Semi high socks-bershka

Winter my love?
From the introduction you may think I HATE winter but in reality that’s not the case.
 I freaking love hot chocolate and wearing hot fuzzy sweaters but sometimes I don’t even have time to appreciate the weather while drinking that god damn chocolate and you may find it hard to believe but it makes me so very sad L That is something I’m really looking forward to fix this year ; yes, I need time for books and sleep ,finally a few hours every week just for me with nothing else to care about; for example on a Friday night …

I’m really obsessed with the Neighbourhood for a while ,(sweater weather,afraid,female robbery,let it go are some of their most popular songs ) and If you are a fan then you definitely know that their appearances are strictly in black and white … I want to go to their concert so bad but as far as I know they haven’t announced their tour for 2015 yet. So being in love with their music  and having a celebrity "crush" on Jesse Rutherford(lead singer) I really wanted something I’ve never done before ! Furthermore,I love their style in clothes is just so interesting and unique and  so I’m I if we add up a little weird as well…

I’m not alone
If you keep up with my lookbook then you’ve definitely seen me  referring to a really close friend of mine ; Amalia because most of the times I want a new look to share with you she is the person I call to help me and she’s always patient with me telling her to take this and that blah blah …So I freaking love her so I needed to say that for one more time …

Of course she is not the only person you’ve helped me the past year but I think we can really work out together as we are both crazy artists …

twitter ;@annamariapapast

What do you think?


Saturday, 6 September 2014

My latest obsession...

previous post ;

10 things that shouldn't be missing from your fall closet

Hello fashionistas,
What's up ? Have you read my latest article about 10 fall statement pieces?
 So today I'm here to share with you something less common and more weird(in a good way).

As I have most things I want for creating winter casual outfits I'm thinking about investing in a more fancy pair of shoes .So my latest obession are crazy wedges and creepers !
You may think I'm crazy and you're probably right but you know that's me... The only problem is that I've only found pieces like the ones below in American sites like nastygal/dollskill/unif ,So If anyone knows european sites contact me on the comments below ...

 What do you think? Would you wear them?

10 things that shouldn't be missing from your fall closet

Hello fashionistas,
As we are heading for a new fashion season and you will probably go shopping looking for clothes that are versatile, I decided to make a post with my ultimate must-haves for the upcoming season.
In my opinion they are all time classics and can never look odd or old fashioned .Also I've did my best to bring you plenty of choices for each piece...

1) Biker Jacket 
You can't start a fall-winter closet without this masterpiece ,real leather or faux it doesn't really matter all you have to do is wear it-style it-rock it ...Brown is the new black? Sure,when it comes to autumn .

Golden-Zip Leather Moto Jacket

Neiman Marcus-281eur.

Authentic Washed Leather Biker Jacket
 topshop 210eur

Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket
forever21 36,45eur

2)Little black dress
Perhaps the most versatile piece in a woman's closet ,wear it at day with flat shoes or at night with high heels it never looks old if you know how to style it .The ultimate choice for days when you have nothing to wear because you can have an awesome without even making any effort.

Crepe Woven Shift Dress

forever21 19,45eur

Lia V Neck Bodycon Dress 8,99eur

Ponte Twist Skater Dress
topshop 59 eur

3)Black jeans
My favourite statement in this list ;black jeans is more of a casual choice but I can't think of anything else that looks awesome in any possible way from crop tops,biker jackets,denim shirts to high heels the list is endless...

Jeans Avenue b ultra skinny jean with moto with zippers.
DKNY 95,71

MOTO Washed Black Leigh Jeans

 topshop-52 eur

Where are you going in the rain without a pair of quality boots? I love cut-ous but I don't they are made for rainy days ,are they?

Jeffrey Campbell Watson Buckle Leather Boot

nastygal -€160,66

Shellys London Chero Bootie


AUGUST Mid Ankle Boots

 topshop 59eur

Blazers create the perfect balance between casual and more formal outfits, you can even add a tie for a very edgy black suit-and-tie combination or just go for a more colorful choice. How about investing in a  navy blue or even pink one?



Open-Front Zippered Blazer

 Forever21 €24,95 

Elissa One Button Ponte Blazer 

at 27,99

6) Boyfriend denim
This was actually the ultimate must have last year and I loved it because I was sick with the skinny jeans that were "in" fashion for over 10 years straight.What do you think?
MOTO Bleach Spray Mom Jeans 
 topshop 55EUR

ES Denim Slacker Boyfriend Jean 

 Nasty Gal 90,96


Patchwork cropped boyfriend jeans


7)Lose tees
Easy to find ,easier to wear lose tees are just the best for schooldays that you need something comfortable yet stylish and affordable...

 TALL Top With Frill Sleeve 

ASOS 22,75

Slubby Tee

 TOPSHOP 20eur

8) creepers or platforms
If you consider yourself an up-to-date fashionista then you should definitely know about the creeper-shoes trend; hate it or love there is no in between for this cool and extraordinary shoes ...

JEST Flatform Monk Shoes

65eur topshop

black lace punk creepers 
ebay 22,29
find here

edge platforms-unif
find here

9)skater skirt
The number one trend in 90s bright acid wash skirt is back for good ? Sure thing,the challenge is to find a way to make it look special because everyone can wear a skirt but only a few who just rock the 90s grunge style ;)

Denim Look Flippy Skirt 

topshop 32euro

Hologram Leather Circle Skirt 

american apparel 170eur

10)fuzzy sweaters
People that don't wear sweaters are not to be trusted I'm telling you :).'cause it's too cold for you here so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater ...

Clean Rib Knitted Sweater topshop-50eur

Cowl Neck Fisherman Sweater 
€16,45 forever21

Plush Heart Knitted Top

topshop 36eur

What is your favourite piece for fall?
Would like to see more posts like this?