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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Meanwhile… in another world

Hello fashionistas ,
Are you on holidays? Are you having a nice time? I’m not going to go this year anywhere but it doesn’t matter because I’m having so much fun in Athens and one way or another I won’t be alone…
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and the typical hanging out with my friends and do something different. As I haven’t seen my lovely English tutor for a while I texted her to go out for a coffee… What made the day special was that I was fortunate enough to get to know some new people which is something that no matter how much I love to do is very limited as I’m on high school. 
Anyway, it was very interesting as we were discussing about different topics or better in a different point of view that I usually do.
 When you meet someone who is not of your age or family and course you have something in common to talk about you can learn a lot of new things and do your criticism.

Personally, when I’m with company that has many things to say I tend to stay back and do more listening than talking of course I add my personal opinion but I think is more important to listen to others .That’s the main problem of most people they want so desperately to tell you what they think so they ignore your existence .I just can’t with narrow minded people .
So I enjoyed a lot that being sixteen didn’t make me less important or to be taken seriously .
I’m fed up with this point of view that a sixteen year old knows nothing .I know I’m not wise or even mature enough to do certain things but how someone is going to grow and learn new things if you’re not taking him/her seriously ?  

…See you soon…

(and of course a little something to eat)


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