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Saturday, 12 July 2014

The song of the day

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Hello fashionistas,
It's been a while since my last post because I've been playing sims the whole week obessively every single day  ,I love this game;  I can play for days and then stop and play in months.

Obviously the reason why I'm writting today is not to talk about sims ...
Actually I've been also waited to write something because I wanted to see "The fault in our stars " and form my personal opinion about it because everyone is talking,blogging,tweeting  and I was pretty curious to see it myself.

At first I was expecting to see  a usual romantic story that would give me nothing but unreal expectations for  love,people and of course a predictable happy end .
However , surprisingly it has more to teach me than the fact that real love exists and boys in movies are  perfect and blah blah...
I decided to see more than that ,for example how important health is and it may sound a  cliche but look around you ; how many people feel blessed about it?
People were crying but I left  the cinema more positivitive than ever  for everything around me ...

I recalled things from my life that now have no power on me and can't depress me anymore .
 Now I understand that every bad thing that we came across is not going to be there forever, believe me no matter what happens there is no way that things are not going to get better , just wake up everyday and decide to make it a good one...

And the song of the day is ; '' Fix you '' by coldplay because I feel like it describes my mood perfecly ...