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Everyday make tutorial-step by step

Hello fashionistas,
Today I thought it would be a nice idea to try something different ; a make up tutorial.
I haven't done anything similar in this blog before but I was a youtuber for a short period of time almost two years ago. I started something really easy to do for everyday casual outfits you can make it in 5-7 minutes and if you're running late make a messy bun and go !
Please tell me your opinion on the comments below and If I should do more posts like this in the future...

Step 1; Start applying your foundation with a brush or with your hands so to cover any blemishes or just to make your skin look more fresh. I'm using  vichy normaderm teint for sensitive skin .

Step 2 ; Use your concealer to make your eyes look brighter ,start applyning it with gendle movements starting from the inside corners of your eyes and under your lash line. Make sure not to overdo it as it will have the opposite effect and it will make your eyes look tired .I use creamy concealer from Bobbi Brown sand color.

 Step 3; Apply a white or pink eyeshadow as a base so you will have
 a more alert look early in the morning.
Avoid eyshadows in green and blue if appear older is not your goal.I'm using a really bright natural color from loreal paris color harmony pallete.(It's my favourite eyeshadow so far).

Step 4 ; Apply a bright grey-silver eyeshadow to make your eyes look more dramatic . Don't forget to add a little mascara to give your eyes more volume.

 I love miss manga for mega volume from loreal paris as it's perfect for everyday/casual looks but also really cool (by adding a little more )for night events.

Step 5 ; Smile and put on your cheekbones some blush .I love an orange color from loreal paris as it goes with  my semi-dark complexion perfectly .I would suggest if you have a very pale skin using something in  pink shade...

Step 6;
 Add your finishing touch with a bright pink lipstick or nude but be careful to choose something matte and definetely don't go for any sticky lipgloss that you will have to renew every five minutes...

What do you think?

essence 24h hand protection balm 
Today,after a friend's recommendation I purchased a hand cream .
After I tested it on my hands I was totally amazed .
It was  available in three flavors; dark chocolate and banana ,dark chocolate and strawberry,dark chocolate  and kiwi (I got the dark chocolate and banana)
Not only did it smell awesome  but it's pretty effective on dry hands as well.It's tantalisingly smell makes you want to eat it ...
In addition, I was thrilled with the price as its costs 2,50 euro per 100ml !
As I mentioned it's protects hands from dryness and provides moisture & care .
I would definitely repurchase it and I recommend it .