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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Unique is the new normal

Hello lovelies ! How was your week ? I hope it was nice because mine totally sucked due to studying ,responsibilities and generally spending it doing all the things I didn't want to...
So today I decided it was high time to relax ...Donuts and coffee time ! (Yummy).
While browsing the Internet I found a very special brand unif it's name ...

At first, I saw some pieces on nasty gal and then found the original site .I'm in love with the whole collection but I have to warn you that is only for unicorns .
You can find the original site here and also some pieces on nasty gal .

Im in love with this dress 

What do you think?
Would you wear any of these ?

Friday, 16 May 2014

'cause real girls eat cake

Hello people ! How are you doing ? Have you start studying yet? I did so that's why I don't post these day a lot  but I'm trying to share with you outfits that I create everyday !
Today,I decided to write about Janoskian's new song ; real girls eat cake because I think is awesome and trying to embrace being yourself without worrying about thigh gap ...
You can find it here.
'cause real girls eat cake

Blue shorts

Special occasion shoes
$60 -

Betsey Johnson shoulder bag

ABS by Allen Schwartz post earrings

Also I have to say that you should never feel ashamed of yourself because you don't look like girls in magazines.
Chill out ; the girl in magazine doesn't  even look like the girl in the magazine!
Go have a piece of cake ! Being skinny is not more important than being happy don't you forget that.
Don't get the wrong end of the stick .I don't mean you shouldn't eat right or exercise but do it for fun not because you have to compete with anybody else...
Please if you're dealing with any kind of mental or eating disorder talk to someone you trust.