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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Colourful crazyness

Hello crazy people ~ ! I've promised to myself to commit in this blog this month because
 I've been neglected it for a month or so...
Hopefully I will stick to my promise and I'll write every 2-3 days.
This post is about the outfit I wore yesterday and a small review about a bag I got from ebay ...

Firstly,I have to say that it was a wonderful weekend so I decided to do two different posts one for my outfit and one for what I did .
Let's get started ! I decided to do the review first and the outfit second.

This is the bag I purchased from ebay 2 weeks ago for 13,70eur ($18,99) .
It was sent really fast and it was exactly as in the photo. As you can see is a typical cute floral  backpack but the main disadvantage with  backpacks is when you want  to close it .
But in general they are lovely for walking,carrying a lot of stuff ;for example I really need my camera all the time and a bottle of water but sometimes it's impossible with other bags...

 This how it looks from inside which was something that disappointed me a lot because of the material which  looks very cheap and like a trash bag ...
Anyway  in general I'm very happy with my choice.
You can find it here.

Let's move on to how I styled it ~!
I chose my new t-shirt from zara ,simple shorts from forever21 and my floral sandals because they really worked out with the backpack ,also  I added a neon colour necklace to match with the t-shirt.
My denim jacket is from asos ...

What do you think?
Are you a floral lover or not?