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Friday, 14 March 2014


It's Friday Friday ! AND I'm excited because it's been almost a month that everything seem to work out for me ,hopefully everything is going to be awesome for my friends as well :). During the week I was able to try pole dancing ;how awesome is that ? (It's the second day that I'm sore lol).
Yesterday,we were able to hang out with my girls even though it was Thursday ;that made my day and made feel awesome 'cause we're dealing with much stress from school let alone everything else we do on the evenings .

Also I decided to write some things about what I've learn all these time from my friendships .I know I'm not the most suitable person to analyse this issue as I'm only 15 but I want to write down what I think .

But what is friend? Someone who you 've been friends for ever ? Not for me because It's been proven that whoever I was friends for a very long time in the end we ended up strangers .
In my opinion,the most memorable friends are those that you shared the best memories with and no matter what happened next they are impossible to forget .

What's a true friendship ? I guess the most important aspects of a good friend is trustworthiness and honesty .Remember that no body's perfect and you have to accept each other no matter what the differences are ...Another important thing for me is being a good listener and not to get sick of my little dramas...

Life doesn't stop for anyone. So If a friendship didn't suss out let it go ,move on ! Life's full of opportunities don't wait for anything to get better (it wont)...Don't waste your time with people that makes you feel miserable go on but don't bear them ill will just keep the best memories in your heart ...

I have no idea what is going to happen next or who we are going to be friends with in 5 years but I know that I love the people that surround me right know and that I just wanna feel this moment :)