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Sunday, 30 March 2014

shoes... to go

If you're thinking about buying new shoes for spring and you want something comfortable enough to walk a lot everyday then you shouldn't  miss the new Keds collection which bears the signature of Taylor Swift .

I firstly saw them on teen vogue suggesting them as the ultimate trend for this summer.

I believe that their price is quite normal ; 55$ =39eur 
But I was very disappointed that keds company  ships only among the US and the European site only in Austria,Belgium,Brazil Germany,Ireland,Luxembourg,Netherlands,UK and of course not in Greece...So If I want  to buy a pair of Keds this year I have to choose from a limited range of colors and patterns from hollister who finally ships to the country I live...

So for the european site click here.
And If you're fornutate enough to live in the US click here.