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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Starts here !

Hello fashionistas,
Don’t you think it’s the perfect timing for starting planning for summer ?
Don’t get discouraged if you’re not going on vacation! Trust me it’s not the most important thing on earth as you can still have fun and do awesome things ,one way or another you just need sit back and enjoy life without school and responsibilities because it’s not going to last forever …

When I was thinking about writing this article I couldn’t think of anything better that suggesting swimwear (I love swimwear and stuff).But I have to say more than that for the moment (don’t you worry I’ll still write about swimwear in the future).
This article is more like a note to my stressful self just because I tend to over think stupid stuff and expect for myself to do everything,and you may believe me or not but even when I have nothing to do I feel guilty for doing so .

I just feel the need of doing stuff all the time and write articles, be productive, go the gym ,eat healthily, dress well. But you know sometimes I just want to do nothing WITHOUT feeling guilty about it! 

After all this work I’ve done all year ,after all the miserable days at school I just feel that I just need a positive attitude and my best friends and everything will work out just fine.
All I have to advise you/me and is just enjoy yourself ,do what makes you happy and don’t you dare destroy the best moments because of your negative attitude .

Another little advice from me please don't sacrifice your best moments by being miserbale from not being skinny enough,fit enough or whatever ,you look just perfect the way you are and whoever dares to say anything else just slap them in the face !
I'm really mad  at people who don't fucking mind their own businesses ! 
Don't listen to them as they are most insecure about themselves that's why they say negative things to others . 
And they say something like ; are you going to eat ALL this?
Say; Fucking watch me and then eat 2 scoops of ice cream !

RELAX just put a smile on your face and have a nice time  !


PS: Tell me on the comments below  what do you like about summer the most; I personally love summer fruits and that I don’t have to blow-dry my hair (cause I’m super lazy) 

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