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Friday, 6 June 2014

How to renew your wardrobe without breaking a bank

Hello, today I decided to write an article about how to change your style without spending a fortune,
As it's summer everyone loves new clothes and maybe you feel like all you got from last years got pretty old .The first thing I have to say is that's this is no need for worrying .
Just follow some simple steps and you'll got your new style in no time.

Keep it or give it?
Firstly,start by organising your closet ,this will not only help you to find easy everything you need but also will make you decide what to keep and what don't .Don't keep anything that you never wear or don't like  .Just find a way to recycle everything you don't need .
Don't be stressed out they are just clothes and definitely the pair of jeans that doesn't  fit you anymore is not a reason for being sad .

Before you hit the shops....
Make a list with what you need .  Start by basic stuff like plain tops ,black jeans,plaid shirts and then go for the more fancy-funny stuff. Dresses ,floral pants or whatever ,crop tops .Also try to find shops that are not very expensive but at he same time offer good quality of clothes .Because if you buy very  cheap stuff they will cost you more in the long run .You don't want to buy the same things again and again ,do you? Also don't forget to make a budget beforehand  especially if you use credit card ...

Shop till you drop?
Not that easy unless you're a millionaire .Make sure you don't get carried away and buy things on impulse  you don't need or buy too many fancy stuff neglecting buying casual appropriate clothes.
Before you add anything on your shopping card ask yourself ; Do I really need it? How I'm I supposed to wear it? 

In addition ,I have to suggest you take a look at especially for casual clothes because it has an amazing tool that shows outfits  and how to get mix them .You don't have to buy everything from here but it's a good way to start by looking for what style you want.

Good luck...