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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ultimate Summer

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 Hello fashionistas,
this is actually another article about summer (I've already written 3 of them) because  Summer is my favourite season and I have the time of the world to write as much as I want about it without stopping living my life to the fullest !
  I'm actually planning a lot of different things as I feel the rush to do everything that is possible in 2 months or so ... I feel like I can (almost ) fly.
You know there are still things that are trying to put me down but I keep telling myself to shut up and enjoy what I have without worrying too much.
 Do you have a summer bucket list ? I  personally don't really have one as I feel like it's going to put pressure on me to do things and If I fail to do so I'm going to be really upset with it.
But at the same time I need to do everything ; hang out with all my friends,go to the beach,to the water slides,plan my birthday an so on ...the list is endless !
I also have in mind to open a youtube channel with my best friend and do vlogs and stuff .
Tell me what do you think about that? Is it going to be a good idea? Who knows the important thing is to have fun ...

Just the confessions of a dramatic teenager
Another part of this article is to actually compare last summer with this summer ...
You're free not to read all my drama because this part is mostly for myself to gain motivation every time I feel low.
I believe that the most important thing about this summer that makes it far better than last year is that I've finally managed to accept my body,myself and now I'm really ready to move on ,meet new people without feeling bad and actually live...
Because I used to feel that everyone else was about judge me .Can you imagine spending most of your time worrying about what others say about you? Its just makes you want to be alone because it's safe...
Also ,without any obsessions about stuff I can feel free to enjoy the little things without letting life passing by ...What Do I mean? If I don't put on myself the pressure to complete a to -do- list everyday summer is going to be so much fun ...

And the last black cloud in the horizon?
I literally have one problem left in my life as school is over and  is assosiated with that hell...
It's called maths-I'm gonna- die -If- I- HAVE- to- study -all -summer- to- pass !
Seriously it's completely unfair If I've failed because I've worked really hard for it ...
Also, my best friend deserves to pass as well beacause she was stressed out for it the whole year ...
In my life I always excell when I want something really bad ; don't get me wrong I'm not an overconfident person that is bragging about things but It's a fact that when I want something nothing stops me ; but you know maths don't work like that :(

Steve Marabol

Saturday, 21 June 2014

My summer playlist :) + outfit

Hello fashionistas,
Everything seems perfect to me today ... ,my finals are almost over, the breakfast is delicious and  the amazing  coffee I'm drinking  is from the local coffee shop , and I'm listening to music  ...What can even go wrong in a morning like this?

So Im sharing with all my love my summer playlist ...

1)Lana Del Rey-Summerwine


3)Peter ,Bjorn& John -Young folks

4)Nico & Vinz-Am I wrong

5)Jason Derulo -"Wiggle feat.Snoop Dogg

7)Michael Jackson feat Justin Timberlake -Love never felt so good

8)Shakira-Hips Don't lie feat Wyclef Jean

9)Justin Timberlake- Summer love

10)Ricky Martin -Livin'la Vida Loca

11)Up from below -Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

When was the last time you woke up and realized that today could be the best day of your life?

Steve Marabol

Friday, 20 June 2014

Let's go shopping; Swimwear and Beachwear !

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Hello fashionistas,
As I promised, I’d write an article about swimwear 2014 ~I'm so excited ...
Have you decided yet if you're wearing floral prints or plain colors this year? And what about hats and flip-flops ? I strongly believe I'm a little late anyway ; because I see on youtube that most girls have already got their swimsuits and I haven’t so I’d hurry J

Fistly,I have to say that I love Victoria secret’s tool (bikini mixer )as it’s very helpful if you don’t know exactly what style of bikini you want !
Look how it works:
You get to choose what kind of top and bottom you prefer ,you see the available patterns and colors and that’s it you have you’re very own unique set !

found on ; victoria secret

This year I think the best summer stuff has by far nastygal ;from hats ,to swimsuits and kimonos ... Every single one is so unique and extraordinary ;) But the main disadvantage is that they are a expensive and maybe a bit overpriced …
Please I'd love to hear your opinion if you have ever purchased anything from there .

found on ; nastygal

What about these Jefrey Cambell's sandals? Would you wear them and especially pay 70euros to get them?

All you need for a badass summer?  Asos moto this season ; I think they got close to that but definitely not my first choice as it comes to bathing suits ...I think I would go for shoes or clothes.
See them and tell me what do you think.

btw I'm so into this look !

In addition, I couldn’t help it and present for one more time some pieces from topshop  as you may already know topshop is my favorite shop 
(at least I think for the moment) !

#Top 1 one summer essential ! Flower headbands...

 These look so inedible comfortable !

Topshop's simplicity (is that even a word?) whatever it just looks awesome and it's quite cheap 25 euros for the top ,16 for the bottom that makes it 41euros ...

What is more ,If you want a boost to your curves this summer check this high waisted piece out too !

found on ; topshop

Are you going to buy a new swimsuit this year?

What’s your favorite summer color?


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I'm ready for the summer nights

I'm ready for the summer nights

Go Silk silk tank

Brown top

Scotch & Soda shorts

ASPIGA sandals
$135 -

Pearl earrings
$44 -

Woven bracelet

Tom ford eye shadow

Elizabeth Arden lipstick

LORAC lipstick

Summer Starts here !

Hello fashionistas,
Don’t you think it’s the perfect timing for starting planning for summer ?
Don’t get discouraged if you’re not going on vacation! Trust me it’s not the most important thing on earth as you can still have fun and do awesome things ,one way or another you just need sit back and enjoy life without school and responsibilities because it’s not going to last forever …

When I was thinking about writing this article I couldn’t think of anything better that suggesting swimwear (I love swimwear and stuff).But I have to say more than that for the moment (don’t you worry I’ll still write about swimwear in the future).
This article is more like a note to my stressful self just because I tend to over think stupid stuff and expect for myself to do everything,and you may believe me or not but even when I have nothing to do I feel guilty for doing so .

I just feel the need of doing stuff all the time and write articles, be productive, go the gym ,eat healthily, dress well. But you know sometimes I just want to do nothing WITHOUT feeling guilty about it! 

After all this work I’ve done all year ,after all the miserable days at school I just feel that I just need a positive attitude and my best friends and everything will work out just fine.
All I have to advise you/me and is just enjoy yourself ,do what makes you happy and don’t you dare destroy the best moments because of your negative attitude .

Another little advice from me please don't sacrifice your best moments by being miserbale from not being skinny enough,fit enough or whatever ,you look just perfect the way you are and whoever dares to say anything else just slap them in the face !
I'm really mad  at people who don't fucking mind their own businesses ! 
Don't listen to them as they are most insecure about themselves that's why they say negative things to others . 
And they say something like ; are you going to eat ALL this?
Say; Fucking watch me and then eat 2 scoops of ice cream !

RELAX just put a smile on your face and have a nice time  !


PS: Tell me on the comments below  what do you like about summer the most; I personally love summer fruits and that I don’t have to blow-dry my hair (cause I’m super lazy) 

Friday, 6 June 2014

How to renew your wardrobe without breaking a bank

Hello, today I decided to write an article about how to change your style without spending a fortune,
As it's summer everyone loves new clothes and maybe you feel like all you got from last years got pretty old .The first thing I have to say is that's this is no need for worrying .
Just follow some simple steps and you'll got your new style in no time.

Keep it or give it?
Firstly,start by organising your closet ,this will not only help you to find easy everything you need but also will make you decide what to keep and what don't .Don't keep anything that you never wear or don't like  .Just find a way to recycle everything you don't need .
Don't be stressed out they are just clothes and definitely the pair of jeans that doesn't  fit you anymore is not a reason for being sad .

Before you hit the shops....
Make a list with what you need .  Start by basic stuff like plain tops ,black jeans,plaid shirts and then go for the more fancy-funny stuff. Dresses ,floral pants or whatever ,crop tops .Also try to find shops that are not very expensive but at he same time offer good quality of clothes .Because if you buy very  cheap stuff they will cost you more in the long run .You don't want to buy the same things again and again ,do you? Also don't forget to make a budget beforehand  especially if you use credit card ...

Shop till you drop?
Not that easy unless you're a millionaire .Make sure you don't get carried away and buy things on impulse  you don't need or buy too many fancy stuff neglecting buying casual appropriate clothes.
Before you add anything on your shopping card ask yourself ; Do I really need it? How I'm I supposed to wear it? 

In addition ,I have to suggest you take a look at especially for casual clothes because it has an amazing tool that shows outfits  and how to get mix them .You don't have to buy everything from here but it's a good way to start by looking for what style you want.

Good luck...