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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Is getting hot in here

Hello Can you belive it it's June OMG already?  Summer is (almost) here... I'm so excited .But there is always some homework to bring me down .
Have you decided where to go on holiday?  (I'm currently working on persuading my parents to go to Lesbos) . I've also found my dream sunglasses in Prada's new collection ... I made this post to suggest you some hotbuys of this month as I assume you love following trends but mixing them in your own unique way :)
I know I'm not posting at all these days because I'm so exhausted fro finals that I'm not going to lie to you the last thing I want is to write about fashion statements...Thankfully there are still days that I feel like it :)
I'm working on post for summer that's called is getting hot in here when in real it's about to rain ?
How is that even possible? I mean in Greece it doesn't even rain at fall...

And of course I refuse to write without having a delicious breakfast ; I can't !

Yesterday,I finally started buying things for summer ; not in any way going on shopping spree or whatever but I bought my first summer shirt !

While I was browsing on polyvore I found a pretty nice asian e-shop ;   
tell if you have ever shopped there if it's safe or  you were satisfied with your order.
 I saw those shorts and I'm in love with them because I think they would suit to most body types and embrace natural curves...

Found on 21,96eur

Also I really want to purchase a tassel necklace ,I believe it's just mixes with everything and is the ultimate accessory fro summer as it's not something very heavy (I hate heavy necklaces and everything that make me feel uncomfortable ).

found on topshop 13eur

found on hollister 39eur

Do you still wear boots on summer?
Then you need something in  a bright brown colour that is not very warm ; how about a pair of cut-out ones?

found on 20,42 eu

Is it a skirt or a shorts ? Neither it's a skort!

found on 10eur

And for the top?

found on 52,50 eur

found on 27,99 eur

Quote of the day :
"No matter how you feel...Get up...Dress up.Show up. And never give up."

Have a nice day !
Kiss some ass ...