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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ultimate Summer

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 Hello fashionistas,
this is actually another article about summer (I've already written 3 of them) because  Summer is my favourite season and I have the time of the world to write as much as I want about it without stopping living my life to the fullest !
  I'm actually planning a lot of different things as I feel the rush to do everything that is possible in 2 months or so ... I feel like I can (almost ) fly.
You know there are still things that are trying to put me down but I keep telling myself to shut up and enjoy what I have without worrying too much.
 Do you have a summer bucket list ? I  personally don't really have one as I feel like it's going to put pressure on me to do things and If I fail to do so I'm going to be really upset with it.
But at the same time I need to do everything ; hang out with all my friends,go to the beach,to the water slides,plan my birthday an so on ...the list is endless !
I also have in mind to open a youtube channel with my best friend and do vlogs and stuff .
Tell me what do you think about that? Is it going to be a good idea? Who knows the important thing is to have fun ...

Just the confessions of a dramatic teenager
Another part of this article is to actually compare last summer with this summer ...
You're free not to read all my drama because this part is mostly for myself to gain motivation every time I feel low.
I believe that the most important thing about this summer that makes it far better than last year is that I've finally managed to accept my body,myself and now I'm really ready to move on ,meet new people without feeling bad and actually live...
Because I used to feel that everyone else was about judge me .Can you imagine spending most of your time worrying about what others say about you? Its just makes you want to be alone because it's safe...
Also ,without any obsessions about stuff I can feel free to enjoy the little things without letting life passing by ...What Do I mean? If I don't put on myself the pressure to complete a to -do- list everyday summer is going to be so much fun ...

And the last black cloud in the horizon?
I literally have one problem left in my life as school is over and  is assosiated with that hell...
It's called maths-I'm gonna- die -If- I- HAVE- to- study -all -summer- to- pass !
Seriously it's completely unfair If I've failed because I've worked really hard for it ...
Also, my best friend deserves to pass as well beacause she was stressed out for it the whole year ...
In my life I always excell when I want something really bad ; don't get me wrong I'm not an overconfident person that is bragging about things but It's a fact that when I want something nothing stops me ; but you know maths don't work like that :(

Steve Marabol