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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Meanwhile… in another world

Hello fashionistas ,
Are you on holidays? Are you having a nice time? I’m not going to go this year anywhere but it doesn’t matter because I’m having so much fun in Athens and one way or another I won’t be alone…
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and the typical hanging out with my friends and do something different. As I haven’t seen my lovely English tutor for a while I texted her to go out for a coffee… What made the day special was that I was fortunate enough to get to know some new people which is something that no matter how much I love to do is very limited as I’m on high school. 
Anyway, it was very interesting as we were discussing about different topics or better in a different point of view that I usually do.
 When you meet someone who is not of your age or family and course you have something in common to talk about you can learn a lot of new things and do your criticism.

Personally, when I’m with company that has many things to say I tend to stay back and do more listening than talking of course I add my personal opinion but I think is more important to listen to others .That’s the main problem of most people they want so desperately to tell you what they think so they ignore your existence .I just can’t with narrow minded people .
So I enjoyed a lot that being sixteen didn’t make me less important or to be taken seriously .
I’m fed up with this point of view that a sixteen year old knows nothing .I know I’m not wise or even mature enough to do certain things but how someone is going to grow and learn new things if you’re not taking him/her seriously ?  

…See you soon…

(and of course a little something to eat)


Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hello fashionistas,
As I was browsing to my personal lookbook I was like ; I need to do something to refresh it ;because most of the time in spring especially I couldn't do much about it due to overload of homework/responsibilities and other stuff I've talked about so many times in the past ...
So the point is that now that it is Summer I want to update my lookbook , so here I'm annoying my friends to take photos of my clothes and stuff just to share it with you <3...

In this look I wanted something that looks like summer which means colourful,,positive and delicious like a double scoop of vanilla cookies-mocha ice cream ...
(speaking of the devil)

Also this angry cat got into our way demanding our attention ! 

About my outfit ;
floral backpack-ebay 
coral scrunchie- forever21
sandals-exe (similar here)

(OMG ,I love these sandals so much)

I almost risked my life for this photo !

What do you think about my outfit ;tell me your opinion in the comments below or leave me feedback and of course your link so to follow your blog ...

...See you soon ...


Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy sweet me !

previous post; my birthday wishlist

Hello lovelies ,
How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?
 Actually mine was a special occasion itself ; my birthday ! Oh no? Did you forget to send me happy birthday wishes ? (LOL just kidding) .If you've read my previous post then you certainly know what gifts I wanted but not my plans ... 
So here I'm sharing with you my 4 days celebration with exclusive details ! (As anyone cares)...

Thursday 17/7
So let's get started with that day ! I was so happy that I was going to meet a close friend of mine (Salma) and go shopping so I would decide what to buy  for her upcoming birthday on Sunday .
I picked out my clothes very carefully and I was ready to go !  I waited her for like 20 minutes until I was convinced that she wouldn't come at all , but I wasn't ready to compromise ,get bored and waste my day being lazy so I took my camera and captured the outfit ! And then...boom she called me to go out as something got into the way before . So I had an awesome day and an outfit to share with you ! 
(me- no going out-no problem !)

(later this day I'm actually makeup free and of course Amalia is on a crazy mood)

Friday 18/7

You know that feeling  when a day starts so wonderful  and everything seem that are going to work out prefect? That was my motivation in the morning and when I put my make up on I felt so confident ! Like ; Sh*t I'm going to make the most of this day ! So this day left me really excited and with new shoes and two new bags ! What else can I ask for? Oh yes ~and a perfect frozen yogurt was the Pièce de résistance ...(if that makes sense , or the cherry of the cake if you want to)

Saturday 19/7

My very own day has finally arrived ! So I thought that it would be nice to wake up earlier to live some an hour more ! Me and my lovely mum did something very special ; had breakfast to a restaurant (yummy) and I was so glad we did ,because it was the best from atmosphere to coffee ! I don't deny my pure love for breakfast but this was so hgjyhknjlk,jikpk if you get me ;)  (I couldn't help it and took so many photos) .

 During the day I was rather creative and even made my very first necklace !
 In addition, it was raining really hard in the afternoon so I found it a great oppurtounity for showing you my photographer-self (laughs)... 

So after this what? Night out with my girls of course ! (Please visit my  personal lookbook for more about my outfit)

Sunday 20/7

I know this post is getting too long but if you still reading I'm so happy ! So this is the last but not least day of this weekend and we were invited to celebrate my friend's birthday ! At first it was rather awkward but after some time everything went extrordinary well ! 

Thank you so much for spending your time reading this huge article of mine and certainly I'd love to hear your comments,feedback,complains (not that much but yes) ...

Take care,

See you soon 


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My birthday wishlist

previous article; summer clothing haul
Hello fashionistas,
It's my birthday in 3 days so I'm getting really excited and nervous about it as I'm turning 16 and we haven't made any plans yet...The idea for making this post came to me today because of a conversation I had with my best friend a couple days ago ... As we were discussing about what I'd like to get as a present from my parents I couldn't think of many things I need  for the moment .But as I reconsidered today I thought it would be nice to write everything and make  a wishlist to share with you .
I'm still thinking about it because I'm the person who always wants  new things but when it comes to a present I feel like I need nothing .
I'll  just keep it simple and show you some basic stuff I want because If I made a real wishlist this post would take more than three pages for sure :(

1) My "most wanted" thing for this year is a quite good  handbag  as all of my bags are cheap and look completely  old fashioned !Below I've chose two ; the one is Folie-Follie and the other is Armani .They are not that expensive I would say they came to a quite average price for a high-brand bag something close to 130-165 euros...

2)Another thing I'd like to get is a  curling wand because I want it for the past 6 months and I haven't got it yet  ; something else always  get into my way every single time I decide to buy it ...
I've chosen babyliss pro porcelain conical wand because it is very affordable and comes to a really cute pink colour also seems really easy to use...

3) Also this top from topshop has stuck in my head for more than a week ; I can't but looking  it with pure adoration !

I think that's it for a start ! I just can't think of anything else or want to think of anything else.

Tell  me on the comments below about your favorite birthdays !

Also feel free to follow me on twitter and add me on  my personal page on facebook ...




Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer clothing haul !

previous post; the song of the day

Hello fashionistas,
I made this post because I wanted to share with you my summer clothing shopping ! I'm so excited that I've finally managed to do this post because I was thinking about it for a while...
Eveything I got is from because I simply love this website and I definitely recommend it to anyone because although it not expensive the quality is quite great and also the delivery is from very cheap to free and you will got your stuff in like 5-10 working days !
I couldn't believe in my eyes how much stuff I could get with only 103 euros !

1) This cute printed top for 12 euros.

2) A sport tank mostly for the gym but I think it's really nice for every casual outfit.I adore  coral colour  for summer ! (8euros)

3) A very short elastic shorts for pole dancing with a very special metal line on the side...
(9 euros)

4)  Hibiscus Print Top for 12euros

5) This super cute and stylish  tie-dye  dress for 20euros !

6) This origami skort that goes awesome with almost anything in a dark blue colour ! (13euros)

7) Another pair of  shorts for my collection (12 euros).

8) The ultimate summer trend ; fedoras ! ONLY for 7 euros !

9) The cutest set of  hair accessories I've ever seen in my whole life ! (3 euros)

10) A big flower ring ! (3 euros)

11) And bright pink bath sponge (1 euro)

I'm so looking forward for your opinion on  the  comments below !

Please feel free to give me your links to check out as I love reading new blogs !


Saturday, 12 July 2014

The song of the day

previous article;and I'm feeling... good

Hello fashionistas,
It's been a while since my last post because I've been playing sims the whole week obessively every single day  ,I love this game;  I can play for days and then stop and play in months.

Obviously the reason why I'm writting today is not to talk about sims ...
Actually I've been also waited to write something because I wanted to see "The fault in our stars " and form my personal opinion about it because everyone is talking,blogging,tweeting  and I was pretty curious to see it myself.

At first I was expecting to see  a usual romantic story that would give me nothing but unreal expectations for  love,people and of course a predictable happy end .
However , surprisingly it has more to teach me than the fact that real love exists and boys in movies are  perfect and blah blah...
I decided to see more than that ,for example how important health is and it may sound a  cliche but look around you ; how many people feel blessed about it?
People were crying but I left  the cinema more positivitive than ever  for everything around me ...

I recalled things from my life that now have no power on me and can't depress me anymore .
 Now I understand that every bad thing that we came across is not going to be there forever, believe me no matter what happens there is no way that things are not going to get better , just wake up everyday and decide to make it a good one...

And the song of the day is ; '' Fix you '' by coldplay because I feel like it describes my mood perfecly ...


Saturday, 5 July 2014

And I'm feeling... good

Hello fashionistas,
Today seems to be an awesome day ....Hopefully ,'cause when I'm having an amazing breakfast and a cup of coffee nothing can go wrong, right?

(me last night lol)

 For once in my life all the troubles seem so far away ;
school,homework,finals,stress and everything that depresses me is gone for good
.I'm just grateful for everything I got today because it's an awesome day to smile for no reason !

But I have to say that I'm not always like that ,you know ,happy,ready to seize the day ,
I actually have some very depressing moments in my daily life  when I'm feeling extremely  low and nothing seems to matter for a few minutes .
So I found a quote on tumblr that just describes me perfectly as a person because is what I feel when there is no in between ... I'm just trying to find balance in my life for good ,for example I want to go the gym but not stressing out about going 6 days just relax and do it for fun !

Another thing I have to say is that my life started to becoming better when I was finally confident and happy with myself ,then everything just fell into place .I knew I was ready to overcome any possible difficulty .When I didn't feel anymore I had to prove anyone wrong but just be a better version of me .

Also I'm in love with this song of The Beatles no matter how sad it is :)

Best wishes for a wonderful day !


Friday, 4 July 2014

Don't let me shop again ...haul+style

Hello fashionistas,
What's up? Today I'm excited to share with you (after a long time...) a personal style post .
I don't do that often because I don't buy that much stuff lately and also I've been busy with finals/school/cheerleader for almost 3 months  .Actually my last look was back at February ! (you can find it here)

Let me tell you at first a  little story behind it...
For one and only time this year I went on personal shopping which means no topshop,forever21,no anything just boring shops in Athens. You may think that is not a big deal ; you haven't seen anything.The plan was to buy a high end  pair of jeans but unfortunately (as usual) something got into my way and I didn't find the one I wanted for a month(dammit). Angry as I was I tried really hard to compromise with something else and of course this plan failed as well ...
So I tried to move on after this but this seemed  not to be my lucky day as I was informed that I've failed maths this year which was a constant fear of me all this time.
I was disappointed and furious so I got carried away and spend all my money on everything but clothes ! Long story short; I get some other awesome stuff ; like books !

I got the first one "fashion doodles"  because I thought I could make a whole sketchbook from the tasks it's suggests for example ''draw a whole summer collection'' or design a bag for every occasion" .
The second one "9 heads"  it's actually the heaviest book I've even came through in my entire life and it was pretty expensive too. It's explains how to draw fashion from the very beginning ,how to draw human body ,poses,clothes,accessories and even has an extra chapter for using photoshop !

As for clothes I just bought  a peach-colour blouse from zara , and a  polka dots shorts which I love because it looks like a skirt and it's very comfortable and easy to wear ...

 Also I'm wearing my new sandals ; I'm love with the leopard print .

Another thing I got is  a mac lipstic in a bright pink colour (snob A13) .I totally love it !

What else? Oh yes, I got one of those hair-donuts to make the bun ...

The most tragic part of the story is that I always advice my followers not to buy things on impulse and thing every purchase twice :(

Have fun :)