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Saturday, 5 July 2014

And I'm feeling... good

Hello fashionistas,
Today seems to be an awesome day ....Hopefully ,'cause when I'm having an amazing breakfast and a cup of coffee nothing can go wrong, right?

(me last night lol)

 For once in my life all the troubles seem so far away ;
school,homework,finals,stress and everything that depresses me is gone for good
.I'm just grateful for everything I got today because it's an awesome day to smile for no reason !

But I have to say that I'm not always like that ,you know ,happy,ready to seize the day ,
I actually have some very depressing moments in my daily life  when I'm feeling extremely  low and nothing seems to matter for a few minutes .
So I found a quote on tumblr that just describes me perfectly as a person because is what I feel when there is no in between ... I'm just trying to find balance in my life for good ,for example I want to go the gym but not stressing out about going 6 days just relax and do it for fun !

Another thing I have to say is that my life started to becoming better when I was finally confident and happy with myself ,then everything just fell into place .I knew I was ready to overcome any possible difficulty .When I didn't feel anymore I had to prove anyone wrong but just be a better version of me .

Also I'm in love with this song of The Beatles no matter how sad it is :)

Best wishes for a wonderful day !