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Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy sweet me !

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Hello lovelies ,
How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?
 Actually mine was a special occasion itself ; my birthday ! Oh no? Did you forget to send me happy birthday wishes ? (LOL just kidding) .If you've read my previous post then you certainly know what gifts I wanted but not my plans ... 
So here I'm sharing with you my 4 days celebration with exclusive details ! (As anyone cares)...

Thursday 17/7
So let's get started with that day ! I was so happy that I was going to meet a close friend of mine (Salma) and go shopping so I would decide what to buy  for her upcoming birthday on Sunday .
I picked out my clothes very carefully and I was ready to go !  I waited her for like 20 minutes until I was convinced that she wouldn't come at all , but I wasn't ready to compromise ,get bored and waste my day being lazy so I took my camera and captured the outfit ! And then...boom she called me to go out as something got into the way before . So I had an awesome day and an outfit to share with you ! 
(me- no going out-no problem !)

(later this day I'm actually makeup free and of course Amalia is on a crazy mood)

Friday 18/7

You know that feeling  when a day starts so wonderful  and everything seem that are going to work out prefect? That was my motivation in the morning and when I put my make up on I felt so confident ! Like ; Sh*t I'm going to make the most of this day ! So this day left me really excited and with new shoes and two new bags ! What else can I ask for? Oh yes ~and a perfect frozen yogurt was the Pièce de résistance ...(if that makes sense , or the cherry of the cake if you want to)

Saturday 19/7

My very own day has finally arrived ! So I thought that it would be nice to wake up earlier to live some an hour more ! Me and my lovely mum did something very special ; had breakfast to a restaurant (yummy) and I was so glad we did ,because it was the best from atmosphere to coffee ! I don't deny my pure love for breakfast but this was so hgjyhknjlk,jikpk if you get me ;)  (I couldn't help it and took so many photos) .

 During the day I was rather creative and even made my very first necklace !
 In addition, it was raining really hard in the afternoon so I found it a great oppurtounity for showing you my photographer-self (laughs)... 

So after this what? Night out with my girls of course ! (Please visit my  personal lookbook for more about my outfit)

Sunday 20/7

I know this post is getting too long but if you still reading I'm so happy ! So this is the last but not least day of this weekend and we were invited to celebrate my friend's birthday ! At first it was rather awkward but after some time everything went extrordinary well ! 

Thank you so much for spending your time reading this huge article of mine and certainly I'd love to hear your comments,feedback,complains (not that much but yes) ...

Take care,

See you soon 


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