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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring-summer shopping and closet tips

Hello potatoes ! How was your weekend ? Did you enjoy it or you just had to study ? Mine was just fine without anything amazing to happen and my Sunday is already ruined 'cause I've been studying all morning... Anyway ! I haven't write anything for like 3 days so I think it's time to do so.
If you've decided to start shopping for the new season then this post is for you .
I think that when it comes to shopping budget is very important no matter what .
So start by taking a look to your closet to find out what is missing and what you would like to buy .

Organisation is the key 
Make a list with everything you'll need but don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting go on a shopping spree and try to buy everything you miss or you don't like anymore.
Just do the list in order to know what is important and to avoid buying things on impulse .

After that, choose where you would like to shop; for example buy two tank tops from forever21 and a quality pair of jeans from topshop .If you want to buy some investment pieces go for a high-end brand .

As it's a new season you maybe want to get rid of some old clothes that you're not wearing anymore . Be smart and keep what is important and donate what it's not useful anymore 'cause they are wasting space .
I know this can be pretty sad when you know that some staff you're not wearing anymore used to be a very part of you but sometimes you just have to let things go in order to give space to new ones ...

 When the weather is starting being quite good think about find another place for your sweaters and hoodies  as they will bother you and they won't be any  useful anymore.

Have fun !
This is not your schoolwork ; go with a friend and try on crazy clothes or something like that don't be too serious.
Even If you can't afford buying everything you wish ,be grateful for what you have .
Go for things on sale or take a risk and try a new site with cute cheap clothes ...
Think outside the box and be unique but also take into consideration before you buy something at least 3-4 outfits you would like to wear .

7 cheap and chic outfits
In order to help you , I created some outfits which they are not costly but very cute and stylish .

1) here


3) here




7) here

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