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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

7 days of the week

Describe each day as a real person; with imperfections and flaws.
What would you have to say for every single day? Which day is the happiest of all?
Who suffers from mental illness and who got their hurt broken?

Take for example the melancholic Monday; she has no real friends and she feels like everybody hates her, she must be suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts...
Everybody is trying to avoid her and all she needs is love...She wants to take revenge from people who've hurt her since she was a child.
Everybody promises her things and revolutions but hardly anyone keeps his word ...
She was never popular at high-school and never asked for prom.

What about Tuesday?
She feels the perks of being a  wallflower all the time .She just tries to avoid people as much as she can because she is socially awkward and feels extremely embarrassed in front of others .She cannot fit in easily and she prefers small bistros and her own company or maybe 1-2 good friends than a bustling place .Sometimes she just wants to feel normal even if that means she has to hate herself after ...She had a drug addiction when she was younger but she made it through and with determination and  she finally recovered ...

On Wednesdays  we wear pink .This phrase changed her whole life ...Now she is famous and highly respected by people (including celebrities) who treats her like they love them .Sometimes she feels lonely too but she won't let it show and she will smile as usual. I would describe her as a passionate and determined to succeed person ,who wants to compete with others to get what she deserve in the end .She doesn't care about anyone's opinion even though sometimes she is wrong .

Sunny Thursday has gone through a lot in her life because her parents kicked her out when she was 16 years old because she was pregnant. She still hasn't lost faith in humanity and she is a believer. She tries always to see the bright side no matter what .She is hopeless romantic but scared to admit her real feeling of the fear she will get too attached with people who will betray her.
Sometimes she underestimates her worthiness. She loves food and don't want to be miserable about such a thing, she is curvy and she feels great about it...

It's Friday, Friday ! She is extremely popular a she always was ,she can't stop but expressing herself at any cost .She will say the truth in front of you and not behind your back . But sometimes she doesn't give things a second thought and that causes her troubles .She just lives for the moment without any guilt and over thinking about the possibly

Saturday hates school and responsibilities in general. He just wants to have fun without dramas, homework etc...
Sometimes gets into trouble but he doesn't do it on purpose because 
He just really like to party and get wasted and that drove him to the rehabilitation center at the the age of 19 .
He wants to do crazy things and travel all around the world like there is not tomorrow.
He can't imagine himself settled down in one place and married with children.

The lovely Sunday! She is a very mature and balanced person who think deeply before she makes a decision. She wants to get into Harvard so she studies really hard in order to achieve her goal.
People call her "Nerd" but she couldn't care less. She has some really good friends to surround her and that is enough .When she doesn't study she loves to walk by her best friend and go shopping .
She is very competitive with others and she prefers to work on projects alone. She can definitely see herself in 10 years; successful and maybe married and living in the suburbs ...

Which day day can you relate the most and why ?


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