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Monday, 3 February 2014

Let's fly away

I'm writing this post because I want to express some of my thoughts ,my hopes ,my dreams ... Also it's a part of the process in order to find who Iam and who I want to be .
Hopefully you will find a part of yourself in my words as I think there other people like me as well who dare to dream no matter what.

At first,Im completely dissatisfied with the country I live; ( I'm from Greece) ,due to the economic crisis it's definitely not the best place to live.There is no perspective for young people.
As a result,I want to get away as soon as possible and I'm completely sure I'll make it no matter what.In order to understand me better as a person ;I never give up on my goals until I achieve them and Im stubborn to death.
I won't complain about anything else in my life as I'm grateful for having some amazing people to surround me .I think I'm trying to see the bright side and not to be disrespectful and take things for granted .
Another dream of mine is travelling a lot of different places and maybe live in some of them .(Manhattan is absolutely included) Anyway,who says we have to live our lives in one place?
Are you in favour of visiting new places and meet new people as much I do ?

I haven't decided yet exactly what I want to study in the future and How would be my dream job but I'm pretty sure It is going to be something creative and possibly in the fashion industry ...I know it is hard and somehow difficult to find a well paid  job but who cares? Money isn't everything and I believe that if your dedicated you are going to make it t work ...Don't listen to anybody who says otherwise ;life isn't about having a decent job and being miserable at the same time .Do what makes your soul happy ...