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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Movie review : walking the halls

I recently watched the movie "Walking the halls" basically because I had nothing else to watch or in the mood of going to the cinema .

Everything starts when a typical next door  high school senior student girl called Casey Benson when she starts becoming friends with the most popular girl clique .She is getting involved into illegal sex  actions  urged by her new friends.

The movie focuses on the troubles that this decision drove her and how her family background played a significant role in choosing this lifestyle.Soon she is into much trouble and wants to get away. After that she is being threatened not to tell anyone about the business .The end was a total cliche when the good beats the bad as the ''good girl'' is totally moved on whereas the ''bad girl'' is in jail .
I believe that this movie was nothing else than a way to kill the time of a pretty boring evening .
Not even worth the time to download it and watch it.
 The dialogues was just like were being copied by a soap opera and the dramatic acting of the mother is hilarious .What really surprised me was that everyone in the cast had the same white ''colgate'' teeth .Seriously?
On the other hand,it wasn't at all boring so If you have plenty of time to waste go watch that movie 
I wouldn't recommend this movie at all costs to a demanding viewer who wants to see something with an artistic importance either.