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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Style tips :A pair of Flats or what ?

As I was browsing through the net to find some inspiration Ι came across a pair of flat shoes  BINGO !
.I believe that they are very comfortable and chic  at the same time and If you think they are boring ; It's high time you reconsidered !

You can choose from a wide variety of  shoes from sneakers,boots, to sandals ,chunky boots and so on  but actually the only timeless pair of shoes that can look awesome with almost everything is ballet flats .

Colour or print ?
Don't answer quickly by thinking that prints are difficult to be styled .Bare in mind that they can create an awesome outfit and also can more easily  worn at night .
(If you're not a high-heels lover ).
On the other hand,a black or nude colour  pair shouldn't be missing from your closet as it can be an amazing choice for casual styles .

Before you go shopping think carefully about ;
  • the clothes you already own ( as you can't just follow trends and buy stuff all the time you actually don't need )
  •  where do you have to go for instance the party of your best friend in order to choose the best for every occasion 
  • how much money you want to spend ;You may think that this is obvious but having a budget before you go to the shops will make you think twice before go crazy and buy the most expensive brand you will find .
  • Don't choose something that it doesn't seem very comfortable as you will totally regret it and it will just be a waste of space in your closet.
  • Don't go for something because a magazine suggested it as trend if you don't actually like it.
  • Don't spend too much money on something extreme that you will probably wear only a  few times .

Style it -Wear it-Love it
And as you will probably say that I'm just thinking too much for a simple pair of shoes you're free to move on to the next part of the most (more fun) and cast an eye over some styling options .

Get the look 

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(Please let me know on the comments What you would like to see in the future ;about what thing to make my styling tips posts and in general send me some feedback .)