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Monday, 24 February 2014

a little party never killed nobody

How is your Monday going? I'm pretty pissed off already 'cause I almost died in school from boredom and felt like what's the point in going there when I can burn myself and feel the same way? But who cares ? The weekend was unforgettable !
We went to a party with my friends and I tried vodka for the first time and I felt very dizzy after a while and then I was dancing like no one was watching it was just brilliant .
 I don't what's going on but since  last week I'm very happy becuase everything seems to working out for once  ;I don't even feel sad or so lonely as usual...
And then on Sunday we went to the Acropolis with my girls ; Amalia and Samia *doesn't she have a very unique name?  in Arabic it means star !

Street dance !