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Thursday, 27 February 2014

23 random facts about me

Αs I'm a pretty new blogger 'cause I have my blog since November I think is the right time to share with you some aspects about myself .Why 23 because I love Miley's song !
Also I believe that it is a good idea to get to know each other ;please be free to ask me whatever you want or share some random facts about you ...
In addition, I asked some bloggers to join me and share 23 random facts about themselves too...
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1.I find horror movies extremely funny is that weird?
I think most of them are so hilarious.

2.I love "the Carrie Diaries" I can totally relate to Carrie .

3.My motto in life is never compromise and always be unique .

4.I find school extremely tedious and I read books between classes.

5.I think gay rights are basically human rights.

6.My favourite fruit is strawberry.

7.I love chocolate whether it's black or milk I don't mind .

8.The perfect relationship for me includes be friends with each other.

9.I'm an optimistic person and I try to look on the bright side.

11.I love black coffe and in general I don't have a strong sweet tooth .

12.I love going to starbucks.

13.My favorite reasturant is "Friday's" 'cause I've spend most of time in the 7th grade going there and it was an amazing and careless year in general.

14.I breath to succeed and I want to prove everyone who doesn't believe in me wrong .

15.Im a shop-a-hollic.

16.In my free time Im a cheerleader and I love it.

17.I want to dye my hair red.

18.The idea of opening a blog came when I was reading "I heart New York".

19.I have issues with food .

20.I love Lady Gaga.

21.My favourite form of exercise is Yoga because it's so relaxing and actually the only form of exercise that lets you breath and feel your body at it's fullest .

22.The best meal includes french fries and nuttela .

23.I can't imagine my life leaving in the same place for ever .