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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

London fashion week spots

Yesterday was the last day of London's fashion week so this post to round up the best moments ,
spot the upcoming trends and celebrate this mesmering event .As it was bound to happen it was a party full of glamor elegant fashion and authentic talend .This year though it appeared to be more attention to the clothes rathen than to celebrities .

As the editor of British vogue commented ;two words can describe this fashion week ''Revolution'' and ''Individuality''

The most impressive thing I noticed browsing the net was the shape that a lot of jackets had and I think we will see them a lot in the future notwithstanding it is a rather different thing we haven't used to wear them yet.

Im in love with Anya's Hindmarch vintage inspired  bags and I would totaly choose them .

Royal blue was a total hit of the runway this year .

As the weather was horrible I couldn't dismiss to write about it ...
Charlotte Wiggings admitted in her diary in vogue where she described the experience of the show that "Because of the storms, my flight got redirected to Newcastle. Myself and Sam Rollinson had to get a taxi to Doncaster, then a train down to London at 4am straight into fittings." 


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