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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Finally Happy with a cup of coffee in my hands

Hello lovelies !Today was an awesome day as we went on a trip with my school in the center of Athens and we were free to hang out and see all this beauty ! I just had an unexpected good time with my friends as we were in an atmosphere of joy without so much worries as we used to.We went to Starbucks and as we were enjoyning the sun and I was drinking a venti Americano my best friend gave me the "look" .What does this means ? Cute boys in the cafe !
 Im not a very brave person who can talk to anyone quite easy but today It was rather different ;I was fed up of chicking out the last minute and then regret what I didn't do .So we went and talked to the boys we liked ! How brilliant was that ? I felt like I was exceeded myself !
We didn't spoke to them for long but it doesn't matter 'cause Im so happy anyway !
 and some selfies to remember the moment !


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