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Friday, 7 February 2014

Style tips :Colored jeans

A true fashionista should own at least one pair of coloured jeans as it's an ultimate must have for every season.But the question is ;is it easy to mix it ?
The answer is yes and no ,as it can be tricky to do so but following the right rules it can help you create an unlimited number of outfits .
I decided to separate my post into a colour pallet ; which means that I've chosen to present you the most common colours of jeans based on their colour's temper ; From warm to cold .

Whether it's tomato-red one or a darker shade of red it can be very sophisticated and with the right accessories suitable for every occasion from an everyday outfit to a late evening event.
Personally,I prefer wearing a dark red  than  tomato red but you may don't even bother  so I just simply mentioned it ..


It's simple; you love them or hate them there is no in between ,let  the brightness and the warmness of yellow make you shine !

In the continuum of colours of visible light, it is located between yellow and blue.It is a colour  mostly associated with nature and spring ...Green Jeans are totally in style this winter as well .But be careful as green is rather striking choice from itself .  


What is the first think that crosses  your mind when you here "blue"?
Let me guess the deep sea and the clear sky ...   or If you're like me navy outfits with striped tops and probably red wedges ...

What's your favorite color?