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Monday, 17 February 2014

No winter lasts forever ,no spring skips it's turn

Hello crazy people ! How are you ? How was your weekend? Mine was just brilliant because I had time to actually do a lot of things in spite of studying :( ...In my preview post I shared with you some pictures of my Saturday ...(Check it out if you haven't yet) .
In the picture below you can see how excited I was because of the amazing sunny weather and also is a funny try of making a gif ...
The tittle of this post is based on the toughness of the winter and how spring is coming real close to heal our scars and makes us  feel refreshed .

As you can see I went to the closest park to celebrate the nice weather and have some fun :).
Also it was a nice chance for walking and it really helped me feel less stressed about school and other stuff .

And a healthy alternative lunch after all the junk of the Saturday !