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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

spring time for a change?

Can you believe that this Month is almost over ? I mean seriously already?
Was this month tough ? No but I feel like I have no energy left because everything is going very fast and I feel very tired ;I think I NEED a break for like a week or so without worrying and being stressful about everything ...Anyway this post isn't about my teenage drama but for celebrating the coming of the spring (Yeah I know it's not that obvious).

Today,I wrote down some ideas that would help me get inspired for my blog as it's not always easy to find inspiration .I decided to work on my "let's eat" page because I think it's going to be a lot of fun to share with you some great recipes and the whole process of preparing them in my kitchen !
Please feel free to send me feedback of what you would like to see or your favorite recipes...

Are you in the mood of trying something new this month ? How about a makeover ? Why don't you go shopping with your friends or cut your hair in a different way maybe have your nails painted ? You know although these things work the only thing that will make you shine is believing in yourself and be proud of who you are ;accept your flaws and everything is going to be alright !

Because it's time for new clothes as well Im sharing with you my month's wishlist as well ...
 My out of mascara so any recommendation would be appreciated ...