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Monday, 30 May 2016

Let's talk about middle school fashion !

Hey guys , I'm possibly taking you back in time when every creepy styling choice seemed like a great idea , you know what I'm talking about ... the awesome middle school period !
In our new video we're basically making of ourselves back then !
I think watching what we used to wear will give you a good laugh ... I promise
So tell me guys on the comments what you're thinking and which was your worst styling option that you would like to forget !
Xoxo Anna

Friday, 27 May 2016

The different definitions of a bestfriend & My bullying story

Fashion,styling,art and much more

Hello guys , It's me again :)
I recently uploaded our channel's trailer , its a very short video informing you guys what's next from Artisourlifeyouknow which ,for those who haven't catch up the previous posts, my new collaborative channel with my bestfriend :)
Please check it out if you haven't yet and gives us feedback for our future work :)

Click on the picture :)


Welcome to our channel

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

After watching this video you won't see your friends the same way again...

So our second video is up , on Wednesday's (we wear pink) I will upload a video that I'll be on my own , so stay tuned for me as today on Artisourlifeyouknow we are featuring the issue of friendship in a small humorous way.

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In case you have any feedback or ideas comment or tweet them (annamariapapast)



Monday, 23 May 2016

It's Youtube time...

Hey guys ,
It's Anna here and I'm in the proud position to announce you that my very first video on YouTube is up :)
We've decided with my bestfriend to start this channel to share with you our ideas, fashion statements , and our perception of the world .
And maybe an attempt to comedy (I said maybe!)
Our purpose for this channel is to stay connected as friends as school is over, share our passion and ideas and have the most positive influence that we can .
Our videos will be uploaded every Monday-Wednesday-Friday.
Our first video is called "the bestfriend tag" and its a part of the friendship week .
We would really appreciate if you could check out our channel and leave us feedback for our future content .

 two weirdos who want to be Youtubers