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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I went with my family to a restaurant to celebrate Christmas .In general it was very nice and I really enjoyed myself.The food was excellent ,I got a rib-eye beef and it was a really nice choice.
I was with my parents and we really had a great time but I have to say that it was a rather  expensive establishment .
My day was full as got my hair dyed pink as you can see and also I woke up really late...
As it comes to the photos I took they're in a very low quality because I had very little time as my dad got sick and we had to leave :(...

 Also I got two new dresses the one is the white I wear below and the other is this extremely cute black .Isn't it amazing ?

Also Im very excited about giving some gifts to my mum I bought a book and a notebook which she wanted for a long time ...I have to say that she loved them...<3

Did you have a great time ?
  Where did you go ?

happy holidays...

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