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Saturday, 14 December 2013

My fitness tips

  I decided to write this post to help everyone who wants to make a fitness resolution for any reason whether it is for losing weight-mantain your weight or just simple for whoever wants to be healthier ...(remember you are what you eat).But these are just tips that works great for me Im not a nutritionist or a doctor so  in order to start anything new  whether it  is a diet or a fitness plan you should  ask for professional help .

  The first thing I would recomend you to do is starting by setting  realistic goals I mean don't start with the biggest of your goals or else you will end up extremely disappointed .For example if you want to loose  10kg start by 0.5 a week (baby steps) .Another thing that really helps me is before and after photos as I can spot easily the difference. But don't take get stressed  if you don't see results immediately it takes  time and everyone is different .
Next step is changing some of your eating habits with healthier ones. For instance start by elaminating junk food from your diet (yes...that's the bad news) .In order to achieve this, you should consider eating more
'' real food '' and less prossesed products but fitness has nothing to do with deprivation but moderation .

  • Replace white carbs(bread,rice,pasta) with whole grain alternatives 
  • Don't choose anything based on only calorie value but  look for other  facts such as protein,sugars,carbs,fats,fiber.
  • If you love sweets find some healthier alternatives for example yogurt with nuts and honey,homade chocolate cake with stevia,banana split with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips etc
  • As I said don't deprive yourself  from anything ,so enjoy your favorite unhealthy food but not everyday 
The biggest problem I faced was eating out with my friends .As I've wanted to eat healthy it was really difficult to find something close to that and I almost always ended up starving.I  decided to eat my dinner beforehead and it was really helpful.What is more ,my mates (expept my best friend) always disaprove my attitude againts junk food and never respected my healthier choices (salads,chicken,water instead of cola) .In my opinion if you don't want to eat out just be yourself and don't give a fuck about what other people say .

In addition ,with your healthy eating you should really add some activity.Do whatever you love at least 2 times a week.Do not to push yourself to do something you hate (find your fitness) ,there a lot of things you could do: swimming,walking,running,dancing,lifting weights,shopping are just some of them  .
I would recomend you to find a fitness buddy to help motivate each other but if that's impossible go for it alone .

The most important things in fitness are disclipine,motivation,patience.
Good luck with your journey ! Don't hesitate to leave me a message if you need help.

Please leave me comments about what you think !