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Monday, 23 December 2013

winter wardrobe must-haves

winter wardrobe essensials

Are intrested in renewing your winter wardrobe ? Old clothes don't fit you anymore?
Then this quide is essensial for you .

1)Firstly,invest to some key-pieces such as a pair of baggy jeans or just a type of jeans  that makes you feel good and fits you well .Do not purchase something in  smaller size  as a motivation to lose weight because it will stress you a lot .

2)Another essensial item of winter is the ultimate maxi skirt, suitable for every body type ,always looks classy and it can create a fancy outfit if you love high heels or can be an everyday choice in the event of choosing sneakers or flat boots instead of heels.

3 )Of course the little black dress couldn't be ommited from this list as the ultimate must have .Trust me you will never regret buying it because it can be matched with almost everything .

4) Sweater weather...What would you say for some brand new warm sweaters ? You will be amazed from the wide variety of them this year ,don't choose something usual as black or white one but if you do just make it look amazing and unique by adding accesories or if you like combine it with a skirt.

5)Don't forget to buy a warm  cardigan as well for cold winter days ...But the ''problem'' is that they are so warm I just want to wear them all day...home included...

6)Bad hair day or just cold outside? A classic winter beanie is what you looking for as it can save you time when you need to be quick and don't have time to worry about your hair.Also it can be really useful when you just want an-easy-to wear casual outfit .

7)A blazer should be added to your wardrobe as well (I love blazers ) if you like dark colors go for a navy or dark green .In case you love color go for a pale pink one or if you dare to be different choose a printed one  ...(I recently purchased an animal printed ).

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