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Sunday, 1 December 2013

School Alert !

How to look beautiful all day at school
We spend a lot of time at school everyday and we need to look pretty all day . Also we have to be prepared very quickly in order to be on time and carry as less weight as possible …
So I choose the 5  things that you should carry with you everyday.
 1)Brush :
No matter how good your hair look in the morning they always get messy by the end of the day so a brush is essential.

 2)Wet wipes:
In case something opens in your bag ,to clean your hand before lunch,repair your make up…

3) Longlasting Lipstick: 
To keep your lips moist and add some color .

4)Body spray:
In order to avoid any unpleasant smell.

5)oil absorbing sheets
 Remove excess oil to help control shiny skin.

But what matters most is to SMILE because there’s nothing as beautiful as a smile …