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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Come one get up it's christmas time !

      Keep calm because it's  almost christmas .Have you decorate your home yet?
 Aren't you excited ? Schools are going to close as a result I  will have plenty of free time to have fun with my  friends , do new things ,be more creative (I would love to make a Gingerbread house cake !),spend time with my family...Do you have any plans arranged ? (Im going to a party on Monday !!!!!)

      The whole world is celebrating  but don't forget all those people who suffer from illenesses or live on streets or have lost their loved ones....Be grateful for what you have ! 

Live every moment like it's the last one ,smile as much as you can ,be positive and love yourself..........

I hope you spend those amazing days as you wish and don't forget to take time to relax and enjoy yourself ...


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