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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Shop till you drop...

Yei !It's time for shopping !One of my favourite things on earth...So I bought some clothes and accessories from ebay and rose wholesale.When I got them I'll make a review as well.It took me 4 days to complete my orders due to some technical problems I had with my card and 4 hours today  in order to choose the clothes (im pretty demanding when it comes to clothes and whoever comes with me on shopping needs to be very patient  lol)  and im finally glad I decided after all that time and effort  ...

I bought from a korean eshop this multicolor midi skirt for $19,40 including  shipping fees (which was high because I live in Greece ).

 This leopard print blazer for only $11,98 !(ebay).

A vertical striped chiffon top $9,48 (ebay).

A simple black vintage retro high waisted midi skirt in black (as it's always chic ) for $30 (ebay)

a grey crop top  to match it with almost everything $10(ebay)

I totally loved this black sequin shirt which I got for $9.54 (ebay) .

and more skirts .....

                                                                            $4,77 maxi, dark blue (ebay)

mini, wine red $6,29 (ebay)

and accessories...

a vintage (granmam's bag) in dark brown for $10,99

I win to a bid this amazing pair of earrings for only $ 0.80(OMG)

An egypt pyramid ring $1(ebay)

and vintage goes on with this woolen hat $4,71(ebay again)

Im so excited to see those nail art pens ...I got them in 2 colors...

and white 

for real only 0.99 each ! (ebay)

I was curious to see if this matte oil actually works (I hope it does as I really like mat colors)
$4,99 (what else?)

and for the end a pair of oxfords (oh yes finally !) $24+shipping 

and an acne control kit by clean and clear for $25or something 

what do you  think ?

anna ...