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Friday, 6 December 2013

How to control your weight during Christmas

Oh come on !Who doesn't get tempted by all that amazing tasty food that goes around all the time at Christmas ?
From this amazing pie that have made your grandmother to that awesome meal with your family let's say that Christmas is not the ultimate time for healthy balanced diet as everyone slacks off a little one way or another not only by eating more than usual but also not working out as much as usual...Those are my tips to control your weight during christmas .

Stay active
The best way to enjoy everything without gain a pound is by staying active all the time that doesn't mean only hit the gym (as it might seem very boring ) but do something that keeps you in move for example go shopping (yes ,it's considered as cardio!) carry the shopping bags don't use your car for as much as you can take the stairs .What about setting 1 hour per day for working out ? Do whatever makes you feel cool don't push yourself to do something you hate because especially at Christmas is going to be horrible ...Why don't you take the opportunity to try new things such as dancing lessons or starting a new hobby that keeps you active?
No, that doesn't mean to pay a lot of money fora new gym subscription. There are plenty of videos on youtube that teaches you new things (you have nothing to lose to try!).

Don't starve yourself
I know you may hear this all the time and it have become a cliche but it's true starving makes your metabolism slower .Also when you're going to eat again you will eat much more than if you had eaten properly 3 meals and 2 snacks during the day .In addition,when you'll see all that delicious  food you'll just eat everything without stop.Try to take with you some healthy snacks (fruits,dried fruits,home-made sandwitches,unsalted nuts) which will fill you up when you're out  plus this can make you think wiser on what to eat and don't just give in to something quick and unhealthy .

Don't forget the drinks
Don't get fooled by the myth that drinks  don't count when it comes to calories so be careful on what you choose especially when you visit starbucks ...In the event of alchohol keep it simple with 1-2 glasses of wine or beer as sugary cocktails can  give you just empty calories.

Family gatherings
In those gatherings everyone is so happy and cheerful and eats so much...So if you don't want to eat very much decide from the variety of plates your favorites and fill your plate just once but don't overdo it  .Prefer  boilded  vegetables and roasted poultry  avoid fried food and heavy sauces .When it's time for the dessert just eat a small piece and  please don't deprive yourself these days. Just keep a balance between...

Do this :

Not this:

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