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Saturday, 22 March 2014

style tips: too cool for school (spring colors)

As we're coming closer to spring warm sunny days it's time to reconsider our everyday outfits .
I'm a high school student so I find rather difficult to dress smartly ;so to feel comfortable and look chic at the same time .

Don't you worry you don't have to own plenty of clothes.But you have to be  your own everyday stylist .
The key to look fresh is called innovation ; look for some old pieces you may have underestimated and how they would suss out with something new ,if have nothing to wear then choose your favorite accessories to stand out.
Some people just don't want to wear their most stylish clothes in school because they think that is just a wasted outfit, but the question is do you dress for you or for anybody else?
As Coco Chanel have said "Everyday is a fashion show & the world is the runway".
Don't expect for anyone else's approval but yourself .What do I mean ? If you think that something looks just fine don't listen to anyone criticism because you're not the problem .
Haters gonna hate no matter what.
Also try to express yourself through clothing .Don't follow trends ; make statements .

You are not obligated to dress from the same shop like everybody else or like a certain type of dressing ...
the steps before buying something are simple but yet very important :
1)Look for what is in style or what would work out for you ,
2)Decide if you like it or not,
3)think at least 5 ways you could wear it,
4)see if can afford it (if you cannot just browse the net/shops for something similar)
5)go for it/let it go 

Shops to buy cheap but awesome clothes
  • H&M
  • Forever21
  • ogorgeous (gym boutique)

Also I found some styles to help you mix up your clothes or to have in mind what you would like to purchase the next time you go shopping ! The outfits below are from but you can het inspired and shop from wherever you want similar things...