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Sunday, 2 March 2014

tips: save ebay shopping

Hello ! Happy new month .Have you went shopping yet? 
So this post is a guide to help you shop from eBay.As you might have heard  that eBay can be dangerous at times.Because I think it can be useful to know some tips to avoid any trouble . In my opinion  If you follow some smart rules it's the ideal place to find almost everything you're looking for .

1) Always choose paypal as payment method ; I don't think I can highlight this enough . Why? Because if you don't get your item or you get it and it's broken you can easily start a dispute with the seller and get your item or a full refund.Plus paypal is the safest way to shop no matter what.

2)Don't hesitate contact seller if your item has been delayed or didn't come at all .Most of them are willing to help you as soon as possible (2-3 working days) because who wants a bad reputation(feedback) on eBay?

3) Always read the seller's feedback ; Don't trust  just a number go on a further research and look how many users have voted in general, against the seller and the comments are very important too.

4)Look for the item's condition. For example pre-owned,new with tags,new without tags ...

5) Read the description very carefully don't choose to buy anything just based on the picture .
Remember : that if something is faulty or broken it will probably  be mentioned on the description.

6)Check out the price and the shipping method ,look for any possible hidden charges or fees and if returns are possible .Bear in mind that if something comes from an other mainland you can easily be charged with addition custom taxes as well.

7) Checking out the material is also very important.

8) Sizing can be a real issue so check the size guide very carefully .

9)In my opinion, you  should not  click the "buy " button if at least 2 high quality pictures are included .

Good luck !
Don't forget to smile :)