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Not depressed ,not sad, but definetely black

Hello fashionistas,
Back to black…
It is (officially) time to say goodbye to the lovely Summer as in a few days from now I’m going back to black …It’s my favourite time of the year ! Back to school ! Who I’m I kidding? I’m just going to waste 7 hours of my life 5 days a week for another 9 months … I’m in the second year of highschool and still cannot accept that summer ends someday and hell is just around the corner! 

About my outfit
Anyway, I’m starting to get really negative (trust me ,when I start is downfall) but I’m really fed up with all this “back to school” feedback I get daily…So the purpose of this post is not to share my hate  but an outfit that goes perfectly with my mood ; Black and White my theme for this look …I’ve actually worn black white outfits before but this a little different as I wanted it to be a little grunge-alternative…
The dress I’m wearing is actually a gift from a very close family friend and I like it so much and I think it works the best with high socks /dark lipstick and other stuff I love…Also the flower ring and bracelet is a special gift ;)
The boots are my ultimate favourite black cut-outs from topshop  ,I can even admit that they are my favourite pair of shoes …
Semi high socks-bershka

Winter my love?
From the introduction you may think I HATE winter but in reality that’s not the case.
 I freaking love hot chocolate and wearing hot fuzzy sweaters but sometimes I don’t even have time to appreciate the weather while drinking that god damn chocolate and you may find it hard to believe but it makes me so very sad L That is something I’m really looking forward to fix this year ; yes, I need time for books and sleep ,finally a few hours every week just for me with nothing else to care about; for example on a Friday night …
I’m really obsessed with the Neighbourhood for a while ,(sweater weather,afraid,female robbery,let it go are some of their most popular songs ) and If you are a fan then you definitely know that their appearances are strictly in black and white … I want to go to their concert so bad but as far as I know they haven’t announced their tour for 2015 yet. So being in love with their music  and having a celebrity "crush" on Jesse Rutherford(lead singer) I really wanted something I’ve never done before ! Furthermore,I love their style in clothes is just so interesting and unique and  so I’m I if we add up a little weird as well…

 I’m not alone
If you keep up with my lookbook then you’ve definitely seen me  referring to a really close friend of mine ; Amalia because most of the times I want a new look to share with you she is the person I call to help me and she’s always patient with me telling her to take this and that blah blah …So I freaking love her so I needed to say that for one more time …

Of course she is not the only person you’ve helped me the past year but I think we can really work out together as we are both crazy artists …

 twitter ;@annamariapapast

What do you think?


Hello fashionistas,
As I was browsing to my personal lookbook I was like ; I need to do something to refresh it ;because most of the time in spring especially I couldn't do much about it due to overload of homework/responsibilities and other stuff I've talked about so many times in the past ...
So the point is that now that it is Summer I want to update my lookbook , so here I'm annoying my friends to take photos of my clothes and stuff just to share it with you <3...

In this look I wanted something that looks like summer which means colourful,,positive and delicious like a double scoop of vanilla cookies-mocha ice cream ...
(speaking of the devil)

Also this angry cat got into our way demanding our attention !

About my outfit ;

floral backpack-ebay 
coral scrunchie- forever21
sandals-exe (similar here)

I almost risked my life for this photo !

What do you think about my outfit ;tell me your opinion in the comments below or leave me feedback and of course your link so to follow your blog ...

...See you soon ...

Total black with a dash of white

Hello fashionistas,
Today I’ve chosen to present you a new outfit of mine (or semi new) that I wore on a very special day ; my birthday ! We went out with my friends to Friday’s so here I’m taking photos  to share with you my very black with a dash of white outfit…
 Basically the shoes and the bag are brand new but the dress is one of my winter closet but I thought it would be really nice to mix them for a summer night ,even though it was hot outside …

Dress-tally weijl
Shoes-la mode
Hair bow-forever21

Don't let me shop again ...haul+style

Hello fashionistas,
What's up? Today I'm excited to share with you (after a long time...) a personal style post .
I don't do that often because I don't buy that much stuff lately and also I've been busy with finals/school/cheerleader for almost 3 months  .Actually my last look was back at February ! (you can find ithere)

Let me tell you at first a  little story behind it...
For one and only time this year I went on personal shopping which means no topshop,forever21,no anything just boring shops in Athens. You may think that is not a big deal ; you haven't seen anything.The plan was to buy a high end  pair of jeans but unfortunately (as usual) something got into my way and I didn't find the one I wanted for a month(dammit). Angry as I was I tried really hard to compromise with something else and of course this plan failed as well ...
So I tried to move on after this but this seemed  not to be my lucky day as I was informed that I've failed maths this year which was a constant fear of me all this time.
I was disappointed and furious so I got carried away and spend all my money on everything but clothes !Long story short; I get some other awesome stuff ; like books !

I got the first one "fashion doodles"  because I thought I could make a whole sketchbook from the tasks it's suggests for example ''draw a whole summer collection'' or design a bag for every occasion" .

The second one "9 heads"  it's actually the heaviest book I've even came through in my entire life and it was pretty expensive too. It's explains how to draw fashion from the very beginning ,how to draw human body ,poses,clothes,accessories and even has an extra chapter for using photoshop !

As for clothes I just bought  a peach-colour blouse from zara , and a  polka dots shorts which I love because it looks like a skirt and it's very comfortable and easy to wear ...

 Also I'm wearing my new sandals ; I'm love with the leopard print .

Another thing I got is  a mac lipstic in a bright pink colour (snob A13) .I totally love it !
What else? Oh yes, I got one of those hair-donuts to make the bun ...

The most tragic part of the story is that I always advice my followers not to buy things on impulse and thing every purchase twice :(
Have fun :)

No winter lasts forever ,no spring skips it's turn

Athens Street style moments
How was your weekend did you do something special?
Personally,I had an amazing time on Saturday going to the mall  with  my friends  although we fought and finally ended up splited ! I was in the confusing teenage mood of being sad and confused and lonely at the same time ...Everything was so weird ...But I actually had so much fun and laughed so damn  hard (Yolo!) and I came to the decision that I don't need any negative people in my life anymore (only good vibes !).
Today,with my friend Amalia (she's a youtuber and you should really check  her chanel out as  she is  very talended and she needs support  , I swear!) we were hanging out all morning  ,taking a lot of photos ,really enjoying ourselves ,looking for clothes and new outfits and jellewry ... 

Let it rain:

This is just a collection photos in the rain as I was walking in the rainy center of Athens with my mum .It was the ultimate place for taking photos as the sky  was very cloudy (which is something I totaly love) and also it was rather impressive that  it was  very quiet in spite of the Christmas days.That created the best environment for taking lots of photos and enjoying a beautyful walk .
I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do .Please let me know what you think (please leave me some feedback if you like ).

purple sporty coat : nike 

grey sequin  sweater:

skinny jeans:
tally weijl

leopard blazer:


Mixing prints !


jeans (pull and bear)

lollipop necklace (blanco)

bow bag (accessorize)

white sneakers (nike)

faux leather jacket (topshop)

Cupcakes and fashion !

A sunny morning in the center of Athens