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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Hello ,happy new month ! Spring have officially came ! I'm very excited because I've been talking
about spring clothes,outfits since March !
I know this month is going to be very stressful for a lot of people as finals are around the corner and also most kids of my age are giving proficiency levels ...

In addition,nobody in school understands that
and they keep on pressure us with more homework .
I know that you've completely exhausted from all these hard work but cheer up because summer time is also getting closer !
 Imagine that in a month you'd probably be lying by the beach and the school routine is going to be so far away...
So give your best self, don't give up and everything is going to be alright ...


Bloom this


style tips: too cool for school

Please tell me your ideas and possible feedback also don't hesitate to ask for collaboration ;I'd love to work with other bloggers of my field.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Final exams survivor

  Hello, today I’m going to share with you my tips of succeeding in final exams .I thought it would be useful for a lot of students because exams are around the corner for most schools.

   Firstly, you should be aware of the examination schedule so as to know with which subject to start dealing with first.
Make a planer in your wall and start immediately to work .I know this is not an easy task but you need to start as soon as possible.
Find a quiet place in your home for all this time, log off the computer and put your phone on mute.
Find your books, notebooks, notes and start by checking  if you  have fallen behind in any module .Try not to panic if you had; it’s completely normal…(I’m not very good at keeping  calm anyway ,I mostly cry before I even start )

  Take your time to understand everything you study and don’t hesitate to take short breaks every 45 minutes or to  go for a walk after all this hard work to relieve stress…
Try to concentrate on one thing at a time (this is the most difficult thing for me).What do I mean? If you have to study math don’t give too much pressure on going to the gym or checking your blog  .I know it’s painful but you have to set priorities …

The night before the examination day try to sleep as much as possible (probably you won't get a 8 hours sleep anyway) and eat a healty balanced breakfast in the morning.
Don't talk with people that are very anxious before the exam ;believe it is going to make you feel less secure about yourself.
Take a deep breath and listen the instuctions carefully so as to ask whatever you need before you've started. Be confident and believe in your success !

Cheer up exams don't  not last for ever  , but  I’m not going to lie to you it is hard, just do your hard work and in a month or so you''ll be lying in a beach along with your friends . I wish you good luck and don't forget to smile :)

Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter memories

  Hello amazing blogging people! How was your Easter break? Mine was so much fun in spite of the fact that I’m a little sick the last 3 days…I’m sorry you didn’t see any posts of  mine during all these time but I thought that I needed a break from my blog as well  .Also, I felt like I couldn’t think of  anything creative to write about…So this post is about my freedom Easter time and haul-post with stuff I got during holidays .

 When we were finally free at the historic day; 11 of April 2014 I went home and started dancing like a crazy person my dad must think I’m mental after this…
You cannot in any way imagine how awesome was to be free after all this time! After a while I sat down exhausted to work on my collage (I’ve done a post here) but  my friend Samia called me asking me to go out for our first day! Of course we went to starbucks  ,I even ordered a frappuchino   (I never drink frappuchinos) and everything was so amazing …

 The whole first day of freedom was a success as in the evening we watched with my girls  a presentation of studying in the uk we had even persuade some of adults to come with us as well …
Furthermore, after a few days  I had my nails done for the first time professionally as you can see in the photo below they were a plain green colour …I wasn’t until 2 days later that I converted them in something else…
1st picture after having them painted...

2nd picture ; 2 days later...
 So this is why you shouldn’t let me go to a salon for this job.

  Let’s move on to Saturday 19 of April if you are Christian you will probably know that this day is very important and everyone celebrates at night eating with their families.I’m not going to overanalyze this day because it was pretty sad for me. Why ? Because I wanted to create my new journal and my printer didn’t work! I’m serious it was very painful for an overdramatic person like me; I even cried!  As you can see after a few days I made it and im proud of it!

What is more, I got some stuff during all this time and I wanted to show them to you …
1) The most wanted asos Jacket ; I love this denim piece ,I don’t think I have anything more unique in my closet you can find it here.*for more denim choices click here.

2)3 t-shirts from Zara (the one in the middle is the most comfortable shit on earth)

3) Some things from sephora for doing my nails at home…

4) 2 new nail polishes

6) And the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever used in my entire life .

Please feel free to tell me in the comments below your holiday memories or whatever ...I love hearing from you <3...

Friday, 18 April 2014

Βloom this Spring

Hello my lovely followers ! Today I decided to make an article so as to help you shop your spring clothes without paying a lot of money .

Firstly ,make a list of what you'd like to add into your closet so as not to buy things on impulse .
For more closet tips please read my other article here.

I went through a lot of different sites and have choosen some pieces which I think they are pretty nice and in very low prices .I've also have taken into account the latest trends for example jersey tops ,boyfriend jeans etc...

jeans zara :43eur

midi skirt 15eur

jersey top 16eur

Knit Pattern Openwork cardigan sammy dress 9,80eur

pattern denim jacket forever21.eur 38,75eur

for even more denim choices click here

geometric pattern top : sammy dress 6,25eur

casual t-shirts 3,96eur

floral top and denim shorts

t-shirt sammy dress 6,90eur

floral tote topshop 36eur

Nicola Neon Printed Contrast Collar Crop Shirt at 22eur

 Fisherman Jumper Dress at 15eur

                                           Hannah Stud And Zip Ankle Boot at 22eur

wild flats 19,90eur

floral backpack  ebay 13,75eur

what is your must have for spring ?


Monday, 14 April 2014

Pack your stuff and go...

Hello how are you doing ? I'm officially in my Easter break I'm so excited because I finally managed to create something ! A collage ! Everything started almost a week ago when I decided to listen to my best friend's advice and start drawing while listening to music ...

It was so helpful and I was so inspired by the music  in no time at all ! I was listening to a  jazz  song which ''traveled'' me in exotic places with a margarita in the hand wearing nothing but my swimsuit... So I googled "exotic tumblr" in the images search ,and then rest is history...
After a week I'm proud to say that I have finally achieved to make something hopefully interested with an artistic view....

 The whole concept is that people expect to relax from going on holidays but they end up much more stressed than they started because of the luggage,tickets,expensive resorts ....
They don't get to relax because rather than enjoy themselves they are anxious about job and other issues...
As you can see they are two men in black and white wearing suits and go ''surfing'' as they cannot fully get away of responsibilities. Next to them the lady is having fun the beach of tourist dreams advertising a travel magazine .I added this to remind people that those things don't seem to be for everyone and not to get stressed because the most important thing is who you are going to spend your days with....
Everything else is a fashion related with playful colours surrounding the whole thing ,crazy sunglasses and floral shoes are must in such a summer look...

Hope you liked my collage , please let me know of what you're thinking about it but don't be rude.

Thank you very much <3


Saturday, 12 April 2014

I'ts not the Destination, but the Journey that Matters Most

Hello ,how are you doing ? I know I don't post this much those days because I'm very busy with all the things I have to do; like searching for the best foundation programme for studying in the UK ,practising for cheerleader's  championship,going out with my friends and family and it does really leave me without energy of doing anything else .

 Anyway, on Wednesday we finally had the most wanted school trip ....I was really expecting it for a long time so to relax and have some fun without all the responsibilities.
I have to say that it was a very nice day and we had a great time.

  But all the best memories I got was mostly from the road trip  and company some really cool kids from my class (Yeah kids whatever).
Don't get me wrong is not the we didn't have fun the rest of the day but I believe the best memories come from the trip.

 That's why the title of my post to remind everyone to have fun on the journey without worrying about the destination and the future (I know it is very difficult) ,because you miss the best moments waiting for better days to come ...

 Also it is very important as well the company that surrounds you ,be smart and choose only those who makes you laugh and makes you feel like home.
So this post is for all those amazing people in the photos that gave me such an unforgatable time as to thank them for everything ...