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Saturday, 12 April 2014

I'ts not the Destination, but the Journey that Matters Most

Hello ,how are you doing ? I know I don't post this much those days because I'm very busy with all the things I have to do; like searching for the best foundation programme for studying in the UK ,practising for cheerleader's  championship,going out with my friends and family and it does really leave me without energy of doing anything else .

 Anyway, on Wednesday we finally had the most wanted school trip ....I was really expecting it for a long time so to relax and have some fun without all the responsibilities.
I have to say that it was a very nice day and we had a great time.

  But all the best memories I got was mostly from the road trip  and company some really cool kids from my class (Yeah kids whatever).
Don't get me wrong is not the we didn't have fun the rest of the day but I believe the best memories come from the trip.

 That's why the title of my post to remind everyone to have fun on the journey without worrying about the destination and the future (I know it is very difficult) ,because you miss the best moments waiting for better days to come ...

 Also it is very important as well the company that surrounds you ,be smart and choose only those who makes you laugh and makes you feel like home.
So this post is for all those amazing people in the photos that gave me such an unforgatable time as to thank them for everything ...