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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My birthday wishlist

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Hello fashionistas,
It's my birthday in 3 days so I'm getting really excited and nervous about it as I'm turning 16 and we haven't made any plans yet...The idea for making this post came to me today because of a conversation I had with my best friend a couple days ago ... As we were discussing about what I'd like to get as a present from my parents I couldn't think of many things I need  for the moment .But as I reconsidered today I thought it would be nice to write everything and make  a wishlist to share with you .
I'm still thinking about it because I'm the person who always wants  new things but when it comes to a present I feel like I need nothing .
I'll  just keep it simple and show you some basic stuff I want because If I made a real wishlist this post would take more than three pages for sure :(

1) My "most wanted" thing for this year is a quite good  handbag  as all of my bags are cheap and look completely  old fashioned !Below I've chose two ; the one is Folie-Follie and the other is Armani .They are not that expensive I would say they came to a quite average price for a high-brand bag something close to 130-165 euros...

2)Another thing I'd like to get is a  curling wand because I want it for the past 6 months and I haven't got it yet  ; something else always  get into my way every single time I decide to buy it ...
I've chosen babyliss pro porcelain conical wand because it is very affordable and comes to a really cute pink colour also seems really easy to use...

3) Also this top from topshop has stuck in my head for more than a week ; I can't but looking  it with pure adoration !

I think that's it for a start ! I just can't think of anything else or want to think of anything else.

Tell  me on the comments below about your favorite birthdays !

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