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Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer clothing haul !

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Hello fashionistas,
I made this post because I wanted to share with you my summer clothing shopping ! I'm so excited that I've finally managed to do this post because I was thinking about it for a while...
Eveything I got is from because I simply love this website and I definitely recommend it to anyone because although it not expensive the quality is quite great and also the delivery is from very cheap to free and you will got your stuff in like 5-10 working days !
I couldn't believe in my eyes how much stuff I could get with only 103 euros !

1) This cute printed top for 12 euros.

2) A sport tank mostly for the gym but I think it's really nice for every casual outfit.I adore  coral colour  for summer ! (8euros)

3) A very short elastic shorts for pole dancing with a very special metal line on the side...
(9 euros)

4)  Hibiscus Print Top for 12euros

5) This super cute and stylish  tie-dye  dress for 20euros !

6) This origami skort that goes awesome with almost anything in a dark blue colour ! (13euros)

7) Another pair of  shorts for my collection (12 euros).

8) The ultimate summer trend ; fedoras ! ONLY for 7 euros !

9) The cutest set of  hair accessories I've ever seen in my whole life ! (3 euros)

10) A big flower ring ! (3 euros)

11) And bright pink bath sponge (1 euro)

I'm so looking forward for your opinion on  the  comments below !

Please feel free to give me your links to check out as I love reading new blogs !