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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hello fashionistas,
As I was browsing to my personal lookbook I was like ; I need to do something to refresh it ;because most of the time in spring especially I couldn't do much about it due to overload of homework/responsibilities and other stuff I've talked about so many times in the past ...
So the point is that now that it is Summer I want to update my lookbook , so here I'm annoying my friends to take photos of my clothes and stuff just to share it with you <3...

In this look I wanted something that looks like summer which means colourful,,positive and delicious like a double scoop of vanilla cookies-mocha ice cream ...
(speaking of the devil)

Also this angry cat got into our way demanding our attention ! 

About my outfit ;
floral backpack-ebay 
coral scrunchie- forever21
sandals-exe (similar here)

(OMG ,I love these sandals so much)

I almost risked my life for this photo !

What do you think about my outfit ;tell me your opinion in the comments below or leave me feedback and of course your link so to follow your blog ...

...See you soon ...