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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Style- Guide; Outfits for every occasion

Hello fashionistas,
Today's post is about a very common problem ; the nothing to wear disaster ! Before you start
 being upset  about having nothing stylish in your closet and hit the shops please take a look at the style-guide I made to get some ideas !

Situation No1; Shopping on a heatwave
The scenario has been seen many times in the past .A "crazy"  friend brings you to help her with the shopping but it's hot outside and there is no way to cancel the plans she made .So be prepared; don't forget to wear sunscreen and have fun ! Who knows maybe next time you will be in the same position with her...

Situation No2; Invited at a wedding
Personally I find weddings the most boring events on earth as they all look alike ,people just come to dance traditional songs I hate and it's just boring me to hell .Anyway I was invited in 2 of them this year and my number 1 problem was what to actually wear .
One tip; don't wear uncomfortable shoes ,I don't know how to stress this enough ,there is nothing worse than a boring event and a constant pain because of the shoes ! For my outfit I've chosen heels because they look lovely but in real life I cannot stand walk in them let alone wear them all night...

Situation No3;Girls Night out
It's been a long time since you saw the girls you used to see all the time in the past and you finally arrange to do so ! So you should bring the best of you to enjoy it! Wear a pink top a  floral skirt and you' ve made the cutest outfit without even trying !


Situation No4; First date
Yes the time has come, finally the boy/ girl  you've fancied  all this time is asking you out !
Time for panic? Not really just find something that makes feel great ,smile and everything will be alright!
Tip: Don't overdress to impress .Be simple yet stylish.

Situation No5; Beach party
As it's summer you may get lucky to attend a beach party .Don't let clothes bring you down because in this situation they don't even matter ...Just a maxi skirt and your bikini will do the trick !


Situation No6; Pool party
It's similar with the event above but maybe a little more glamorous ; pool parties are awesome !
Maybe buy a cute pair of flip-flops ? Or grab the opportunity to wear the mini dress you bought for the holidays?
Tip; Don't overdo it with make up because it's going to be really awkward in case someone decides to drop you in the pool .And of course don't leave your phone in you're pocket !


Situation No7; Coffee time ~!
If you actually get the time to meet -and -coffee just go simple with whatever old t-shirt and jeans you like ...But if you feel more like wearing something more special then an overall is the best option ...


Situation No8; Best Friend's birthday
This is the best opportunity to dress really nice, whether she's holding a party or invites you out you shouldn't miss the opportunity to take part in her very own day .I love the skirt on this outfit !


I hope I've helped you ,please let me know what you think on the comments below !
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