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Friday, 4 July 2014

Don't let me shop again ...haul+style

Hello fashionistas,
What's up? Today I'm excited to share with you (after a long time...) a personal style post .
I don't do that often because I don't buy that much stuff lately and also I've been busy with finals/school/cheerleader for almost 3 months  .Actually my last look was back at February ! (you can find it here)

Let me tell you at first a  little story behind it...
For one and only time this year I went on personal shopping which means no topshop,forever21,no anything just boring shops in Athens. You may think that is not a big deal ; you haven't seen anything.The plan was to buy a high end  pair of jeans but unfortunately (as usual) something got into my way and I didn't find the one I wanted for a month(dammit). Angry as I was I tried really hard to compromise with something else and of course this plan failed as well ...
So I tried to move on after this but this seemed  not to be my lucky day as I was informed that I've failed maths this year which was a constant fear of me all this time.
I was disappointed and furious so I got carried away and spend all my money on everything but clothes ! Long story short; I get some other awesome stuff ; like books !

I got the first one "fashion doodles"  because I thought I could make a whole sketchbook from the tasks it's suggests for example ''draw a whole summer collection'' or design a bag for every occasion" .
The second one "9 heads"  it's actually the heaviest book I've even came through in my entire life and it was pretty expensive too. It's explains how to draw fashion from the very beginning ,how to draw human body ,poses,clothes,accessories and even has an extra chapter for using photoshop !

As for clothes I just bought  a peach-colour blouse from zara , and a  polka dots shorts which I love because it looks like a skirt and it's very comfortable and easy to wear ...

 Also I'm wearing my new sandals ; I'm love with the leopard print .

Another thing I got is  a mac lipstic in a bright pink colour (snob A13) .I totally love it !

What else? Oh yes, I got one of those hair-donuts to make the bun ...

The most tragic part of the story is that I always advice my followers not to buy things on impulse and thing every purchase twice :(

Have fun :)