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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Spring blossom

After a week of no fashion related posts this is about making up for the lost time .
So Im pretty excited to present you my spring styling  tips and shopping guide ...

What's the first thing that crosses your mind in the hearing of the word ''spring''?
Time for a new beggining ? Maybe flowers ? Or Colourful outfits ?
When it comes for a change the best way to start is from your closet ...Time for shopping ! But what for ?

What's in my shopping bag ?

Give me a kiss 
Isn't spring the best time for your shine lip glosses? Dare to wear the most colorful shades like you've never before !

Take a look at me now !
The new colors of the clasic satchel seek for attention ! I want one so bad ...
for more go to cambridge satchel site; I promise you will fall in love too .

 Jersey tops because they are the number one hit of your spring closet !

Maybe the last knitted top of the season ? Why not something cropped and pink ? Topshop has the solution ...

Knitted Cardigans because there is no season more suitable for them .

What about shoes ? 
Those Jefrey Cambell babes...

Groove Is In The Heart 

Get the look 

At first I have to admit that this girl is so gorgeous ;not only Im in love with her outfit but with her natural beauty as well ...

for more click here


What's your favorite spring cloth? Let me know on the comments below...