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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sushi nom nom

My second post for today is dedicated to what I did this weekend because I thought it would be nice to share with you my sushi bar experience . Yes we did it ! We went with my girls to the new sushi bar in Athens ; KOI ...One sentence to include the whole Japanese experience;
"Definitely worth a visit but be prepared to eat again afterwards".

This is what I ate ; a mix of maki rolls and some nigiri combined with washabi and ginger !
This plate was totally cool but If you don't like spicy tastes then stay away from washabi at all costs ! It's the green "poop" on the side .In general it was very tasteful and the fish was fresh but I personally didn't like the taste of raw tuna (the dark pink one).I loved the salmon nigiri and every sushi roll ...
 My friend ordered a salmon-avocado plate ; her sushi had also philadelphia cheese .As she said it was very nice ...

 The atmosphere was very friendly and we were served really quickly ...Also it was rather affordable with prices from 3 - 4 euros for 6 maki rolls to 8-12 euros for combos of 12 - 14 .
I would definitely suggest it to anyone who wants to eat cheap ,try something new,likes fish and rice :).But don't expect to feel full after all ;you might easily feel hungry in the next 2 hours...

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