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Thursday, 31 October 2013

How to be stylish in a budget

Every girl in this world want to look good and feel good no matter how old is,who wouldn’t admire a leather bag or a warm stylish coat ?But what if you can’t afford buy  expensive clothes ?Don’t  worry there are still ways to be well dressed .
Firstly,start with the clothes you already have ,look what fits you and what don’t. Expiement with styles you haven’t done in the past for example take a casual jean and match it with 2 different tops a  casual and a fancy  one.Also don’t underestimate old clothes because can create either a vintage style or you can convert them to something else.
Look for jellewry and shoes that can make a style look awesome and if you can’t afford a new dress go for a necklace or a ring .
If it’s time to go shopping and your badget is very low don’t buy in a hurry search in shops a lot think what would create a unique style for different occasions ,for example don’t buy a very formal dress unless you have to go to a special event .Don’t buy on impulse and ask yourself “Do I need this ?”.
A nice alternative for a low budget is the internet ,there are plenty cheap sites to shop with really nice clothes .Take a look on ebay too you might find something expensive in a really good price second hand or even new.
Don’t forget that style is not only about having money but personality .