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Friday, 22 August 2014

Cheers to new begginings

Hello fashionistas,
After a long break of mine  (it's almost being a month) due to lack of creative ideas and motivation it's high time to get back to work as I'm not a big fun of free time ...I should have started this post by asking you how was your summer or where did you go for vacation but the truth is I don't think I can stand seeing another post of tropical places and outfits by the pool ...(I'm sorry)

So  I'm now ready for a very fresh start and hopefully a wonderful year is around the corner ?
This (school) year I'm not going to say big things and expect everything from myself ,I'd like to wait a little bit to see how it goes after deciding what I want from myself to achieve.
What I've realised after such a stressful year I've had  full of responsibilities is that you have to think very carefully before you enrol to hobbies in the beginning, as they can easily absorb all your time and fail to make you happy , you might think that this is something obvious, but it wasn't for me last year and the results were dreadful. I still believe that school is the worst place to be but I'll try to make the most of everyday after the end of the 7-hours-of hell that I have to deal with...
Also,I need to focus on the most positive things and not let myself be sad for no reason !

Wishes for an awesome year full of fashion ,smiles, creativity  and of course new shoes!
I swear you will see more  of me soon !


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